some good news and a crafty afternoon...

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Some good news to start this entry off...DH is coming home on Tuesday!! Smiley

WOOHOO!! Smiley

So they finally got their act together and got him his flight details. Crappy thing about 7 days off, is that technically he only gets 5 full days at home. There is half a days travel here and back, which eats into their time off. But it's better than nothing!! Smiley

I don't know what this means in terms of TTC next cycle. I am too scared to work out where I am in my cycle as I don't want to get my hopes up and then be dissapointed if they change his roster (which I know is more than likely). I will see what happens with this cycle (how long it is) and then perhaps I might be game enough to count...Smiley

I am just hoping AF stays away til DH goes back to work, as (sorry for this overshare) I am getting quite desperate for some smiley emoticons action! It's been WAAAAAY too long!

I had a good day today. Did some retail therapy (which I had promised myself) and got myself a new pair of jeans. I ended up going in and asking the sales assistant what would suit me. She grabbed 4 different pairs of jeans and they all looked good! Smiley This never happens when I pick them out!! Narrowed it down to 2 pairs, and then decided on the more expensive pair coz they made my butt look better!! Apparantly there is silicone in the material to give you what the sales assistant called a 'butt lift'...learn something new everyday hey?!? The very annoying thing with buying new jeans is that I have to get them taken up coz I'm short. Luckily the drycleaners was open at the shopping centre today and I dropped them in and will pick them up tomorrow. Wish I could sew..would have saved me $20!!

The other thing I bought was wool and knitting needles. I am knitting a baby blanket...knitting smiley Pictures, Images and Photos (can't believe I found a knitting smiley!!)

Now considering I have stopped myself from buying anything for our possible future offspring this may seem strange...but there is a story to go with this sudden crafty project (probably not a very interesting one but indulge me!). Walking through K-Mart today with mum, saw these GIANT balls of wool. My comment is like 'oh wow..that's a lot of wool' and mum explains that it's usually for one project so you don't have to keep attaching a new ball of wool (makes sense of course). We had a closer look and all of these balls of wool had patterns attached to them (with a picture of the finished product). One was a baby blanket & cardigan with rainbow wool! Very cute. I then convinced mum that she should buy it and knit it for her possibly future grandchildren...(in a very subtle way of course) and then I somehow convinced myself that I should do it too. Not just to make something for a baby, but knittings good to do of an evening when DH isn't home as I find I get bored just sitting in front of the TV. Watching TV Smiley I need something to keep my hands busy too.

So mum ended up getting a ball of this blue and white wool, and I got the rainbow one and we are both knitting blankets. She is a better knitter than me and can do fancier stitches so hers will look a little bit different though. I am sticking to the basics and will see how I go...It's been quite awhile since I knitted and I have never technically made anything. Most of the time I have ended up with a rectangle piece with lots of holes...Smiley

I figure I will start with the blanket. Don't think I am good enough to do the cardigan, but figure seeming there is so much wool I can either double the blanket size, or make 2! Smiley I am hoping that the positive thoughts of our bubba using the blanket while I knit can't hurt either?!?! Here's a pic of my gigantic ball o' wool and my knitting efforts so far...(yes this is going to take me a while..but perhaps I might have the makings of a baby by then who will get to use it?!?).


Green Sprout said...

Oooh great news that your man is coming home! :-D That will be heaps exciting for you!

LOL @ the biggest ball of wool I've seen for a while! Niiiiiiice!