Saturday, June 19, 2010

So about a week (or possibly less depending on my cycles) until AF is due. I POAS on Friday morning and got another negative. Resisted the urge this morning though..infact it didn't even cross my mind to do it!! Smiley

Its frustrating not knowing how many DPO I least if I knew I would have an idea as to whether it would be likely to get a positive or not yet...To be honest I am not feeling it anymore. I don't think we will be lucky enough to get our BFP this month. Smiley

I had a dream Thursday night that I got my BFP. Smiley It was such a nice dream..and of course felt so real...which I think is why I decided to cave and POAS when I got up Friday morning. I cried in my dream when I saw the 2 lines. I felt shocked and didn't actually believe what I was seeing..but there they were. I hope that I get to see them for real sometime soon...scuba diving

For some exciting news...I got into uni!!!Smiley

I got my offer yesterday and have accepted and enrolled into 2 courses! I am very excited, but also nervous. It has been a few years since I finished my first degree so it will be hard to get back into study mode I think. I am sure I will be fine once I get into it. I am looking forward to learning something new and putting my brain to work...laughing smileys

Not much else to report...cramping still kinda happening on and off. A few funny sharp pains around my belly button every now and again...but perhaps my mind is too focused on my body at the moment! The itchiness seems to have died down for now idea what that was about!

Just trying to keep myself busy over the weekend so I don't obsess on imagined symptoms! Smiley Then DH will be home that will prove to be another great distraction until either AF shows up or I can safely test with the hope of possibly getting a positive response on the stick!