CD3...poor me?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bugger off AF. I am sick of the sight of you already, and the pain you have been causing me..well I could do without it. Smiley Preferably you could leave me and my TTC buddies alone for at least 9 months...Surely that's not too difficult is it?!? I think not. smileys

Work again was a drag...Image and video hosting by TinyPic Can't wait until I get my own office and I can take a nap..haha! Smiley Perhaps I can even put up a 'DO NOT DISTURB' sign on the door?!?

One more day and the weekend can begin..not that I have any exciting plans but at least I can do nothing at home! Smiley

I would like to send some love and hugs GreenSprout's way. Smiley TTC can be so hard sometimes, and it's even worse when your body doesn't cooperate. To her ovaries...I have nunchucks and I am not afraid to use them...Smiley

I am sending some BabyDust32 Pictures, Images and Photos Nani & Shel's way. Feeling very hopeful for the pair of them this month! Besides, we need some good news in our little group! The last BFP feels like an age away!

What about me? I am not feeling hopeful about this cycle anymore. I have a funny feeling I will be headed back to that Fertility Specialist come the end of the month..Almost feel like booking an appointment in now. Smiley I just don't think we are going to get our happy ending yet. I have decided though, that if the FS doesn't step it up then I will find another one. I am sick of waiting and wondering.

I WANT ANSWERS AND ACTION!!!! Tantrum Pictures, Images and Photos NOW!!!!!!!

On a quieter note, here's an updated pic of my knitting project...Slowly getting there...*sigh*

My HPTs and lube came today. Shoved them to the back of the bathroom cupboard..Have no use for them for another week or so..Even longer for the HPTs. Found 2 FRER tests in there too! Totally forgot about those..Smiley

DH is having fun at work. I miss him heaps. Have been sleeping terribly since he left. This time next week he will be that's good. Feeling a bit blah tonight. Just over everything right now I guess. Smiley