Monday, September 13, 2010

Why does everything have to be so complicated?!?

Managed to call the IVF clinic and couldn't get an appointment until Monday morning. Sounds like even though I have been seeing my FS (who works with the clinic) this first appointment is an initial assessment and this coming cycle will be a waste of time as DH leaves Monday afternoon. Will ask anyways if they could collect a sample on Monday and freeze it so we don't have to miss a cycle, but don't like my chances.

I am so confused as to why it is set up like this. I specifically chose a FS that was linked to an IVF clinic as I thought it would make things easier and less complicated...and perhaps even save us some time. Seems like I was wrong!!! Oh well, I won't get too worked up about it until we have the appointment on Monday. Perhaps they will be super accomodating and sort it out so we don't have to miss a month.

I also need to book in for my scan, but I am still waiting on the arrival of my period so I can roughly work out when it will be finished. Not sure what my body is doing. After that spot of browny CM I have had nothing more and I am not feeling any period type cramps either. Not getting too excited as this happened my first month on the fertility drugs. I spotted one day then had nothing the next, but then the day after my period maybe that is what's happening this time round. If I have no period by CD29/30 then I will buy some tests (unless curiousity gets the better of me before then). I am CD26 today.

I dropped my parents at the airport this morning as they are off for 2 weeks holiday. On my way home I dropped in to see one of my friends who I used to work with. Lovely to catch up with her and I came clean about our TTC efforts after she commented on how much weight I had lost (thank you metformin). She is actually quite a few years older than me and has a daughter who is 10. I never knew this before today but she shared with me that she was told she would never have children due to extremely bad endometriosis (regular laps done to burn away endo, no periods, no ovulation). She used natural therapies through this clinic for 3 months and managed to conceive her daughter. She stays continuously on the pill now as her periods are too painful and will eventually have a hysterectomy done. I am contemplating using this clinic now but want to check at the IVF clinic to see if natural therapies are recommended in conjunction with IUI/meds I am taking.

DH is home tomorrow. Feels like forever since I saw him even though it was only a week ago. Can't wait to see him and have some cuddles!


Nani said...

Bugger, sorry to hear that you are having such troubles with the clinic. It is very frustrating that you feel that you have done everything right but they just want to make another hoop for you to jump through. Big hugs. xoxox enjoy DH's company :-)