All About The Dog

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I thought since my doggy created so much interest (and laughter) after my last post that I would write a little bit about him.

His name is Jett. He is a Staffy x (with who knows what?!) and will be 3 on Valentines Day next year (which coincidently is also DHs birthday). He doesn't really look much like a Staffy..and is very tall and lean.

He loves to be around people and loves cuddling (despite being just under 30kg he still likes to try and get in your lap). He is a very sweet dog, but he has a crazy side!

He is still naughty...I don't know if he will ever grow out of the 'puppy phase'. He gets into mischief, destroys things and sometimes likes to run away (just for fun).

He is super fast and sometimes when we take him to the leash free dog park nearby and people see him run, they ask us if he has grey hound in him. He loves going to the leash free beach to run and dig holes and play with other dogs.

We love him to bits and he is the best company when DH is away at work. Here's a few more photos of him..he's pretty cute (though I may be biased!).

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24 Weeks..Viability!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Today we've reached the wonderful week of viability...I'm sure people that haven't gone through IF/IVF/pregnancy loss don't think about these things..but I just can't help myself by still picking milestones to pass!

Here's the bump shot..excuse my dodgy iPhone self portrait. I dong seem to be getting any better at taking these shots! And yup that's my pup in the background looking out the window.

There is no denying there's a baby baking in there!

I am still loving pregnancy, loving the bump and absolutely loving the daily gymnastics our little guy seems to be practicing in there!

I've all but given up trying to find some nice maternity clothes and am going with dresses that have enough give/stretch to accommodate the ever expanding bump. The one I'm wearing in the photo was $25...much nicer than paying $80+ for a maternity dress which probably wouldn't look half as nice!

No more progress on bubs room as DH is still away at work. Hopefully when he returns next week we can finish the painting, and then next we will need to rip up and replace the carpet.

Definitely noticing that it's getting harder to bend over or to pull myself up off the couch or bed. Not things you really think about before falling pregnant!

My weight is back to what it was at around 6 weeks pregnant (as I kept loosing instead of gaining in the earlier days). So my weight gain so far is 0kg! I'm quite shocked at this as I thought I would stack on the weight..though there's still time for that I suppose!

No special cravings. I am still enjoying a milkshake (or two) a day. And savoury food always wins over sweets.

My back seems to still be feeling pretty good after last weeks acupuncture/massage which I am pleased about.

The funniest moment of the week has to have been when the dog curled up on the couch beside me the other night and put his head on my belly. Sure enough bubba boy starts kicking and the dog felt it! He moved his head away super fast and look he gave me was a cross between confused and annoyed! I don't think he was impressed that his comfy pillow was kicking at him.

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Venty McVent

Saturday, September 17, 2011

I do apologise for this vent, but as DH is on night shift (and is currently sound asleep) I can't call him and blurt all this for now blogging is my only option.

I have some unwanted house guests..and although they have only been here a few days, it's getting on my nerves.

Just to clarify..I am not talking about my sister and her partner. They are WELCOME guests who we invited into our home and have been great. They clean up after themselves, cook us dinner and don't cause any bother.

I'm talking about DH's mate who lives with us on and off when he is not away working. He also works in the mines and at the moment works a 2 week on, 1 week off roster. He hasn't been home much for the past 2 months as on his breaks he visited his mum and then went on an o/s holiday. And it's actually been a welcome break as his appearance in our house is beginning to wear thin with both me and DH (though probably more so for me as DH isn't often home at the same time).

So he has finally come home, but not on his own.
He has brought with him a new girlfriend.
Who I have never met before.

Now it's one thing to meet a friends new girlfriend, but another thing completely to have them stay in your home for several days. I probably sound strange, but I don't like strangers in my house. Sure...she's a good friends girlfriend but I don't know her from a bar of soap. And so far, asides from a brief hello, I still don't know her or anything about her. Correction...I know she is 8 years younger than him and lives at home with her parents.  Oh and she was mean to my dog when they arrived which really pisses me off more than anything else.

They have spent the past few days going in and out of the house without so much as a 'hello, how are you?'. They are taking copious amounts of showers and despite it being beautiful weather the past few days have done several loads of washing and shoved it in the dryer. Which is all well and good if you are paying for the electricity and water bills...but they aren't. WE ARE!!

Is it just me and my over reacting pregnancy hormones, or are they being quite rude and inconsiderate??

To top it off he hasn't paid any rent in about a month, his old car (he just bought a new one) has been living in our driveway for months and he shows no signs of getting rid of it.

Right now I don't even feel comfortable in my own house and am actively avoiding the friend and this girl. I just want them to leave....


Friday, September 16, 2011

I had my first acupuncture appointment today. I wasn't quite sure what to expect..needles obviously but my knowledge of acupuncture is quite limited asides from this!

It was great!!!

Once we'd had a discussion about why I'd come, I got comfortable on the table (on my side) with the help of lots of pillows and rolled up towels. Needles were placed in several places on my back, plus I had one in the top of my head and one in my forehead (to help keep me centered). I did feel the needles go in, but just barely (nothing compared to the needles I've injected myself with!!). Then she pulled a heat lamp close and left me to relax. I'm not really sure how much time passed but I was aware that I just started to feel really sleepy and relaxed. I think I even dozed on and off. She checked on me a few times to make sure I was still comfortable in the position I was lying in.

Needles eventually came out and I got a wonderful back massage. It was great!! I didn't realise just how many sore spots I had until she started working on me. She got me up a couple of times in between massaging to see if the pain was any better or worse and then worked a few other spots.

All in all, money well spent and I will be going back if the pain continues. But for now I feel fabulous and my back seems to feel a lot better. The real test will be how well I sleep tonight!

I am in a great mood. The weather is perfect, it's the weekend and I have some lovely catch ups with friends to look forward to. Tonight I am catching up with 2 girls I went through uni with. We graduated together and have still remained great friends. I haven't seen them for quite a few months so they are very excited to see my expanding bump! We always have so much fun together so it will be a lovely night.

Tomorrow I am catching up with the wonderful GS for the day (and possibly Nani if she is not too jet lagged from her return from o/s). These 2 wonderful girls have shared all the ups and downs of my IF journey with me, and cheered me on from the sidelines. I don't think I would have persisted without them sometimes! It's been a couple of months since I saw both of them to so I am really looking forward to a day of non stop talk!!

Then I think I will be thoroughly exhausted by Sunday so no more plans as yet...hopefully the nice weather will continue and I can get down the beach with the puppy dog for a walk.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I'm sick (again!!). Another cold or something similar. Left work early yesterday and spent the afternoon sleeping. Decided to stay home today in the hope that it will give my body time to rest and recover. I really don't want to be as sick as I was last time or have to take another course of antibiotics. This low immune system has to be the biggest downside of my pregnancy thus far. Baby boy is certainly sucking all the good stuff from me (which I don't begrudge him for a second).

DH is once again back at work so I'm on my lonesome..well not completely. My sister and her partner are still living with us and DH's friend (who rents a room) has just arrived home today for a there's the dog. So a full house really. Next week it will be just me again. My sister found out today that they got accepted for a rental place they applied for a few days ago. I will miss the company..and having my own personal live in chefs!

I am having some MIL issues which are weighing on my mind. Slightly concerned about how she will act once baby boy arrives...I think this deserves it's own post though and needs to be written when my head isn't so fuzzy. But for now let's just say that I had to lay down the law (so to speak) slightly when we caught up with her over the weekend...I think it's better that I have done this now so she knows where we stand..but I'm wondering if this will just cause further ongoing issues...sometimes I wish I didn't have in laws to deal with.

22 Weeks-The Highlights

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Been a crazy week. I survived my work trip besides the sub-par accommodation myself and 2 other colleagues were booked into. We were not impressed. Luckily it was only for 2 nights. Not sure if baby enjoyed the plane ride. After we landed he was kicking around like crazy so I think the bumpy landing may have startled him!

I am feeling so much more movement and many more kicks now. I was in a work meeting on Monday afternoon and I felt 13 kicks in a minute (yup I timed and was a very boring meeting!). I did have a fleeting moment of doubt yesterday morning as I hadn't felt much the past 24 hours so pulled out the Doppler. Found the heartbeat almost straight away and in the process of doing this we must have woken him up!

The best moment of the week for me was yesterday morning. DH and I were lying in bed when bub started kicking and going crazy. I grabbed DH's hand and placed it on my belly to see if he could feel anything...and he did!! The look on his face was just gorgeous and he was so excited to finally be able to feel our little guy. Such a special moment that I will cherish forever.

We finally picked our paint for the baby's room and today we started painting. Looking good so far, but still a way to go. Will post pics once the painting is completely finished.

DH seems to be a lot more connected to this pregnancy and to baby now. I think the combination of knowing the gender, the fact that he can actually feel kicks and see my expanding belly have all helped. He is talking about bub more to me, rubbing my belly and talking to our little guy. It's lovely to be able to share my enthusiasm with him!

I am having some issues with back pain at the moment (especially while trying to sleep) so I am now looking into massage and acupuncture to get some relief before it gets much worse. I am hoping either (or both) of these will be the solution to a better nights sleep!

Milkshakes still seem to be my only craving. I can't believe I haven't gotten sick of them yet! I will admit that I missed them immensely while I was away for work.

Oh and for those who asked..the bat suit from my last post was from Cotton On Kids.

Baby Update

Saturday, September 3, 2011

21 weeks today and my bump continues to grow!

Bubba boy is kicking/wriggling up a storm in there and I am feeling him much more regularly. I love it. DH is hanging out to feel it from the outside.

Milkshakes are still my number 1 craving. I have been having one every single day without fail! Not sure how I will go the next few days as I have to travel for work..might miss out on my milkshakes (the horror!).

The latest pregnancy ailment is a back ache. I am trying to find someone locally who does pregnancy massage so I can get some relief. I am waking up through the night because it gets so painful. Even sitting on the couch I am finding painful after awhile.

My thrush is gone (hooray) and I hope it stays that way.

I booked into my birthing classes on Friday as well as a breast feeding class. The feeding class is a morning at the end of November and then the birthing class is a weekend condensed version (as compared to night classes over 6 weeks) at the beginning of December. I am hoping DH will be home that weekend or I might have to brave it alone!! While I was on the phone the midwife also booked me in for my pre admission appointment at around 30 weeks. So I am all organised with that side of things.

Been purchasing a few more cute baby items...can't help myself!

And this was a present from DH's mate..not sure how keen I am on bubba wearing this attire but as DH is a kiwi he is insisting!

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