Weekend Update

Monday, October 31, 2011

Its been awhile...I get so slack with my blogging when DH is home! Plus we have had a super busy weekend so I haven't had much time to sit down with my computer and post an update. So here's what has been happening...

DH arrived home for his 2 week break!! Hooray!!

I took Thursday off work to hang out with DH. We ran around doing some errands, but also managed to squeeze in a swim and walk at the beach before the weather turned horrible. We also went out for dinner as an early birthday celebration with my parents, sister and her partner.

My birthday! Cannot believe I am now 27!
Had a lovely day and was totally spoilt by my family. Had an ob appointment in the morning so got another peek at our little man which of course was the highlight of my day. We went out to a lovely Thai restaurant for lunch and spent the evening snuggled on the couch watching movies.

Mum and I went to a short Baby & Toddler First Aid Course run by the ambulance service. Got a run through on all the basics-CPR, burns, croup, febrile convulsions, bites & stings, head wounds etc. Makes me feel more confident about knowing what to do in an emergency and how to help bub until an ambulance arrives. Definitely worthwhile! DH kept busy by laying a new kitchen floor (with the help of my dad). We have had no floor (just bare, old floor boards) in our kitchen since we had a new one built back when we first bought the house almost 3 years ago. It's amazing how excited I got over this floor. It looks fabulous and it's nice to have something else on our 'house to do list' finished!

Finally finished painting the baby's room!! It looks great. Now we just need the carpet and air conditioning installed and it will be ready to decorate! We also put the pram together and started playing with it. I think I need a little more practice before I become a pro! Went out in the afternoon to visit our friends that just had a baby a few weeks ago. Was lovely to catch up with them (and to get some baby cuddles).

Ob Appointment
Our little man is doing well. It's amazing how much bigger he has gotten in the past month! He now weighs around 1.6kg so he's put on over 600g in a month. He didn't want to stay still for long but we caught a glimpse of him playing with his cord. The ob said they usually squeeze it until they start to feel a little dizzy and then they let go!
My placenta still has not budged, so it is looking very likely that a c-section will be my delivery method. Ob started giving us a bit of a run down of how it will all go down. Looks like bub may be here sooner than we think...she said she would book me in around 37-38 weeks! This puts us right around Christmas/New Year so I'm hoping we can push it out to at least after New Years Day...but I guess it all comes down to whatever is best for me and baby. Ob also gave us a bit of a run down on worse case scenarios...if after the delivery I am still bleeding there is a whole range of things they can do to try and stop it...very, very last resort is a hysterectomy. I was a little shocked about this...and am trying not to dwell on the possibility of this happening. I have the utmost trust in my ob and I know she will do everything to keep me and baby safe.
I'm now onto fortnightly appointments so we are really down to the business end of things!!


Tomorrow evening is our 3D/4D scan. I am so excited about this and hoping that bub is in a good position so that we get lots of lovely shots! My mum and sister are both coming along with us too and are also excited. I think even DH is looking forward to getting a really good look at our little boy.

A Happier Post

Friday, October 21, 2011

Thanks to the wonderfully, supportive comments left on my last post. You will be happy to hear that I received a phone call last night from DH. He apologised profusely for upsetting me and for generally just being an ass on the phone. I guess it was weighing on his mind and it was nice that he was the one to initiate the apology without me even having to hint at it. So needless to say I am feeling a lot better today. Infact we just had a lovely hour long chat on the phone about all things baby!

Some more good news...I passed my Glucose Challenge Test!! Which means I don't have to go back for the longer test and feel terrible again after drinking the glucose! One very happy pregnant lady here!!

I also realised that I totally forgot to post about my trip to the baby shop on the weekend and my latest purchases (well lay by). So here's some pics of the rest of our baby room furniture.

Can't wait to get it all home and set it up once the room is finished. I think it's going to look fabulous.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

I opened the flood gates for tears and now I can't stop. I am a wet, blubbering mess.

DH and I had a bit of a fight yesterday when we spoke over the phone...well it wasn't really a fight. It was more him getting cranky at me and hanging up. Fine, that happens sometimes and usually by the next day he's over it. It was over something totally stupid too.

I try to call my DH this afternoon after I finished work (as he's on night shift and we speak when he gets up before he starts work at 6pm) and there was no answer. I tried a couple more times...no response so I send him a text and asked why he was ignoring my calls. I got a response just before I reached home saying he was still angry at me. Cue tears from me.

I called him again and he answered quite abruptly. I asked why he was still mad about something so stupid. His response was that he was sick of me whinging to him while he was away at work. I was slightly gobsmacked as yesterday was the first time I had brought up anything negative and I only spoke to him about it for a minute or so before he cracked it and hung up on me...our phone calls prior to this have been happy and catching him up on what I've been doing while he's away. No whinging at all.

He then proceeded to tell me that he doesn't want to speak to me if all I am going to do is whinge. I tried to interject and explain that he hadn't been receiving constant whinging calls from me...but he wouldn't really listen and my crying was getting to the sobbing point (which I think was annoying him further). So I went with 'fine I won't call you then' (in between sobs) but didn't expect the answer of 'good'. Of course this made me sob harder and he said he had to go to work. Conversation over.

So now I can't stop crying. I feel like crap. I feel unloved.

I know a lot of this is probably hormones running rampant, but I can't help but feel a little justified in my emotions....I mean I know it's tough for him being away from home and I know how hard he is working....BUT it's hard for me too. I miss him like crazy and I hate that he is missing out on parts of this pregnancy. It would be nice to have him home every night and help with dinner when I just feel too exhausted to cook, or to help with the housework when my back is aching. I make a special point of NOT whinging or complaining about any of this though...so to have him say that he is sick of me whinging every time we speak really hurts.

I'm sorry for the woe is me post. I know there are far worse things going on for other people and my problems are petty in comparison...but I just need to get it out.

Hello 3rd Trimester!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

27 weeks.
3rd Trimester.
2 thirds of the way through this pregnancy.

I can't believe it!!

Here's another belly shot I took this morning. He's definitely getting bigger in there!!

I did my Glucose test yesterday morning. I managed to drink the sweet drink down in the allotted time frame without worry but about 20 minutes later I felt awful. My vision went blurry, I felt extremely hot and began to break out in sweat, I was light headed like I was going to faint and I also started to feel like I was going to throw up. One of the pathology staff noticed and took me out back to one of the collection rooms to lie down. She got me some water and cool, damp washer for my face. In another 5 minutes or so I felt fine again. So I spent the rest of the hour lying down, had my blood taken and I was on my way.

I am really hoping that my results come back clear of gestational diabetes as I really don't want to go back and do the longer test after that experience!

Hoping to go this weekend and pick out the cot, change table and glider chair for bubs room. DH is away at work so my mum is going to come with me to help me decide.

I also got my baby shower invites in the mail so I need to get them organised and send them out.

Asides from that I think I'll spend the weekend relaxing...it seems my 2nd trimester energy has run out and I'm back to needing naps every afternoon!

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Making Progress

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

First of all, thank you to those lovely comments on my last post. Made me a feel a whole lot better about putting those feelings out there. Just another reason why I love this blogging community so much!!

I got to meet my friends newest addition to the family yesterday evening. They had just arrived home from the hospital and we were lucky enough to be invited round to meet their beautiful little girl. Now I wondered if seeing this tiny little newborn would be hard but surprisingly, it wasn't. I got a fix of newborn cuddles (really is there anything better?!?) while my own little belly babe kicked away inside of me. Watching DH have a cuddle was also pretty special as I could picture him with our own little guy curled up in his arms in just a few short months.

On the way home DH was gushing about how beautiful and small the baby was. It was very cute as I've never really seen him get that excited over babies (even his niece). I think it hit him that we will have our own tiny bundle very soon. One comment he made (and the discussion we had that followed) was a little sad though. DH said to me "I am so jealous that they have their baby home with them". I asked if he meant because we were meant to have a baby in our home already and he said yes partly this and also because we had to try so much longer. It was nice to hear that our feelings are kind of on the same page. Especially because in the past DH's response to my grief over the miscarriage was more 'get over it-it's been x months now' or 'you are pregnant again so it doesn't matter'. We talked a little more about how easy our friends journey to have a child has been compared to ours and how it hurts a little to witness this. So that was our deep and meaningful for the night....

We had a productive weekend after DH got back from his week long training course. Managed to put together the chest of drawers we bought from IKEA. It only took us 2.5 hours...but hey..we got there with minimal arguments and no parts left over! So a success! We also continued with the painting...and ran out of paint! So there are 2 walls to go that need a second coat and then it will be finished. Hopefully I can get some more paint and do this while DH is away (or perhaps coerce my dad to come and finish up for us). We also purchased a reverse cycle air conditioning unit for baby's room which we will get installed sometime in the next month or so. Now all that's left to do is choose the carpet and have the old stuff ripped up and the new stuff installed and the bubs room will be ready for decorating! When DH comes home again we will hopefully pick out the cot & change table for the room too.

I ordered my baby shower invites on Friday so they should hopefully arrive this week so I can send them out. Baby Shower is set for Saturday 26th November. Still finalising the guest list but I think there will only be about 15-20 of us. My sister is planning the food and is going to write up a menu to show me (haha can you tell she is a chef?) so I can give it the seal of approval. She is also going to make the cake (or cupcakes is what we have decided on). I am actually really looking forward to the shower and am getting excited about the plans.

DH left to fly back out to work earlier today. It doesn't feel like he was here very long because of the week in the middle of his break that he had to go away for. Hopefully the next 2 weeks pass quickly and he'll be home again in no time. And when he is home next he will be here for my birthday!! Very excited about this as often he is away and misses out on birthday celebrations. Not that I have anything exciting planned....probably just a nice dinner out somewhere with my family.

I also had another acupuncture/massage session yesterday. Again, such a relaxing experience. I fell asleep on the table and woke up feeling very refreshed. She was a little harder with the massage this time so this morning I am feeling a little bit sore, but definitely worth it.

That Hurt More Than I Thought

Friday, October 7, 2011

Just got the announcement text from our friends to say their baby has arrived. This is the friend that got pregnant not long after me (the first time round). Bubble and their baby would have been about a month apart.

It has gotten easier to see this friend as my current pregnancy progressed. Seeing her before I got pregnant again was hard and I was a coward and avoided more than I should have...in fact even once I was pregnant I did this.

I didn't think that hearing their baby was now here would be a problem. But apparently it is. While part of me is over the moon for them, the rest of me is aching to hold my own baby in my arms...the one that should already be here. It stings to think that my baby should have been here first and yet I am still empty handed. I am trying to focus on the little guy in my belly, but my mind is being irrational. Got to love how IF screws with your mind....

This is such a stupid post and I feel like an idiot for even posting it when I know just how lucky I am to be pregnant now...but I suppose I want to show that even though I'm almost on the other side and not childless...stuff like this still stings. You don't go through TTC and IVF and miscarriage and just instantly forget once you become pregnant. It's part of who you are.

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..the ticker on my blog says there are only 99 days to go until baby's EDD!


Where has the time gone....

Free At Last!!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

For those of you who have been following my housemate saga..the latest update!

He moved out.

He sent my DH a text on Wednesday morning (yesterday..the day he was due to arrive here) that he was moving out.

By the time I got home from work (yup he was too chicken to actually see me) all his stuff was gone. The room is empty (bar the furniture which is ours). No note. No keys. Nothing.

He told DH he had to move out because he has to save up to be able to afford to rent his own place. So he is staying on another friends couch and they aren't charging him rent...a load of crap excuse considering the little amount of rent we charged (barely enough to cover the water, electricity and Internet he used) and also considering the amount of money he earns.

I am just happy he is out and I don't have to deal with that stress anymore, plus DH and I finally have our house to ourselves!! This is the first time in over a year that it's just been us and the dog living here. Makes for a nice change, especially with baby on the way.

Bit of a Long Winded Update

Monday, October 3, 2011

Been a little slack with my updates. I tend to get this way when DH is home as I want to spend all my spare time with him, plus we had to squeeze in a lot in the short time he was home so it's been go, go, go!

DH got home Wednesday afternoon and headed off on Sunday afternoon for a week long training course for work. He'll be back Friday night for the weekend and then heads back to work Tuesday morning...it's a bummer that he had to do the training during his time off, but it had to be done unfortunately. I can't remember how much I wrote about DH being offered a new job...so in a nutshell..he applied for a new job, got offered it, decided to take it and put his notice in at his current workplace. His current employer then decided that they didn't want him to leave so sent in 2 of the big bosses to talk with DH about what they could do to convince him to stay! So after a lot of negotiations (and a nice big pay rise) DH decided it was better for him to stay put. It really works out better for us as he will be able to have time off once baby is born, the pay rise will help financially once I am on maternity leave (and on half pay for the year), and he got to negotiate his roster so he will stay on a 2 week on 2 week off rotation which is more time at home.

The housemate is due home this week...I am slightly concerned as DH won't be here. After my venting post about the housemate things did not get any better. The ignoring and avoiding continued. They then left very early Monday morning before I got up without saying goodbye or paying rent...I was not impressed! I ended up writing him an email (I was going to call but I thought I would get too emotional over the phone) and called him on his behaviour and treatment of me over the weekend. The response I got basically denied everything and turned it all on me...it sounded like his girlfriend had written it for him. I didn't dignify it with a response and a few days later I got a text from him saying 'oh so is this how we are going to leave things then?'. Grrrr....I told him I hadn't bothered responding as I wasn't going to continue sending emails back and forth. when we were obviously not going to come to any sort of agreement about the details of the weekend. He cracked it and sent another text (again pointing the finger at me). I ignored him. I've heard nothing since.

He has been communicating with DH but has made NO mention of that weekend or his exchanges with me. I'm not sure whether he thinks I haven't told DH about it or if he has just been feeling him out to see if he's angry at him too. He also text DH to tell him when he had finally paid his rent...and his excuse was his employer has started to pay him monthly (why he hadn't budgeted for rent I'll never know!). So he is meant to be home either Tuesday or Wednesday. I am hoping he appears while I am at work, packs his things and moves out...but I'm not holding my breath as I don't think he would have any other place to go. Worse case scenario is that he again has his girlfriend with him..and if he does then they will both be asked to leave immediately..I am not having a repeat of that weekend. If he is here on his own then perhaps he'll be open to a grown up discussion...but I doubt it. He is the type of person who hates confrontation...I am sure he will just avoid me at all costs. I really just want to tell him that I think it's best that he moves out ASAP. The arrangement isn't working anymore and he would have had to move out sooner or later with the baby coming..I'm just speeding up the process slightly. So I guess only time will tell how this all plays out....trying not to stress too much about it at this stage.

Had an ob appointment on Friday and got another peek at our little man. He is doing great and now weighs just under a kilo (which if the online converter I found is accurate is around 2.2 pounds for my overseas readers)!! My placenta has not moved which isn't what I wanted to hear, so for now we still have to wait and see whether it will move enough for me to be able to try for a vaginal birth. Bubba wouldn't stay still for much of the scan but we did get enough of a look to see him sucking his thumb...very cute!!

He is still wriggling and kicking around in there...and the other day I saw my belly move from the outside for the first time! So bizarre!! DH missed that but has been able to feel movement (though every time I grab his hands for him to feel bubba plays hide and seek and stops kicking...very cheeky!!). The dog has avoided putting his head back on my belly since the other weeks incident which I think is quite amusing!! My belly continues to expand (love it!!) and DH was quite shocked at how big it was after not seeing me for 2 weeks!

Hopefully we will get the chance to finish painting the room this weekend before DH goes back to work and then I can organise the carpet to be ripped up and replaced...and then we can get the furniture!! I picked up another lay by the other day...lots of baby necessities but also a few more cute outfits and some teeny tiny socks!!

I cannot believe that there is less than 15 weeks to go until we will get to meet our little boy.