Day 22- My Top 10 Favourite Movies

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Movies...I love movies. I think I have mentioned that DH and I have a giant DVD collection already. Picking just 10 favourites is going to be very hard though!

1. 'The Little Mermaid'-love Disney but this one in particular has been my favourite since it first came out when I was in grade 2. I know all the words to the songs and have even made DH sit and watch it with me!

2. 'The Sound of Music'-all time classic and a movie I have watched over and over again.

3. 'Grease'- geez anyone would think I like musicals...LOL. Who can resist the love story of Danny and Sandy?!?

4. 'Big Daddy'- love Adam Sandler movies and it's hard to just pick one. This makes me laugh so much...

5. 'PS I Love You'- ultimate girly flick and sweet love story. Always a tear jerker for me too.

6. 'The Hangover'- many great lines in this movie. We saw it at the cinema when it first came out and I don't think I have ever laughed so hard!!

7. 'Little Miss Sunshine'- kooky and funny...dare I call it a feel good movie?!? Always love watching something a little bit out there.

8. 'Life Is Beautiful'-I think this movie evokes every single emotion in me every time I watch it. I also cry every time.

9. 'The Castle'-couldn't write this list and not include an Australian movie on it! Toss up between this and 'Muriels Wedding'. Both hilarious.

10. 'Saw'- love horror movies and when this came out it was so different from all the usual slasher films. I will admit that they have ruined it by continuing the series into Saw 7 or whatever ridiculous number they are up to now!!!

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