I Think My Husband Is Nesting...

Friday, November 4, 2011

...and I must say I am jealous!!

I have not been inspired at all to start this so called 'nesting'. Sure, I have all these jobs around the house that I want done before baby boy makes his arrival...BUT I have no energy or enthusiasm to get them done. Perhaps I need to share my list with DH and he will do it for me?!?

Because right now he is obviously in daddy nesting mode! Since he has been home he has:

-laid the new kitchen floor
-fixed the deck (there were some rotten boards around the place)
-done a massive dump run and got rid of all the rubbish that was accumulating around the outside of the house
-cleaned out and de-cluttered our walk in robe (a job I wanted done but never even mentioned to him!!)
-cleared up the junk piles on our bedside tables (which were spilling onto the floor!)
-cleaned the air con filters
-cleared away my junk pile I had building on the dining room table
-started painting our bathroom
-helped me put together the pram (well actually I watched and handed him bits while he put it together...)

What a list! And he's still here until Tuesday morning so who knows what else will get done this weekend...

I am hoping that my nesting instinct kicks in soon, because I really need to get my butt into gear and at least finish baby's room...and despite being excited about getting it finished I am finding it hard to get inspired and find the right decorations which frustrates me and then I just give up.

As it is, I could be doing some nesting right now but instead I am still sitting in bed in my PJs. But my energy has decreased and my sleep is so disrupted every night with a million toilet breaks and the constant rolling from side to side to get comfortable...so the thought of even just cleaning the bathroom makes me want to curl up for a nap.

My pre-baby to do list keeps growing by the day and I am starting to wonder whether it will all get done. Baby will most likely be here in around 8 weeks...that's only 2 months! But I just don't know where to start.

Seriously, my list is HUGE! See for yourself..

-pick out and have new carpet installed in baby's room
-have air con installed in baby's room
-pick up furniture
-put together furniture
-set up baby's room
-wash all clothes, blankets etc and put away
-clean up 2nd hand swing I bought months ago
-pack hospital bags for me and baby
-buy new mattress for bassinet
-set bassinet up in our room
-buy any last minute items (ie things I don't get at baby shower)
-baby shower (26 November)
-thank you notes for baby shower
-attend breast feeding and birthing classes (booked in for 30 November/1 & 2 December)
-have car capsule fitted (booked in for 30 November)
-cook some meals in bulk and freeze
-clean out kitchen cupboards
-clean out bathroom cupboard
-clean out laundry cupboards
-clean out linen cupboard
-clean out study (it's become a dumping ground and it's a mess and I hate going in there)
-decobweb outside of house
-stock up pantry on basics/essentials
-agree with DH on a list of baby names (I can't believe we still don't have any names!!)
-make a list of people (with phone numbers) to call/text after the birth
-clean car inside and out (before capsule is fitted)

Eeek...I really need to get my butt into gear.


Mel said...

hahaha you and DH are too cute... how awesome is he to get in and get those things done...and I love how organised you are with your lists... just reading it and I am exhausted !!!

babycrazykiwi said...

If you're anything like me the inspiration will just suddenly come, most likely at the most inconvenient time like 9pm at night, and everything will get done.