An Update About Mummyhood

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I'm loving every minute of being a mummy. Even the sleepless nights and dirty nappies. I spend so much of my day just staring at Hayden in amazement. He is just so precious and sometimes I still can't believe that he is ours!! How did we make something so perfect?! It just blows my mind.

Life is busy and full of learning curves. 

Breast feeding is going well despite a few minor hiccups. A great part of my day is spent feeding. I didn't realise how much time this would take up! Hayden loves the boob and is putting on weight and looking very healthy! He was weighed today and has made it well past his birth weight just 2.5 weeks in!

He loves bath time and just totally relaxes in the water. He is not so fond of getting out and being naked and wet though! Same goes for nappy changing time...he is never very impressed at being exposed. His swing is a favourite place to sleep and chill out, as is the vibrating bouncer. I think both of these will be a big help once DH is back at work and I need free hands.

DH has been a huge help. He is being a very hands on dad-bathing, changing and even feeding (have been trying to express with some minor success) our little man. I love watching DH with Hayden. Just as I thought-he is a great daddy and has taken to the role like a duck to water. He is just as in love with this little guy as I am. He still has 3 weeks left at home before he heads back to work. I am beginning to wonder how I will cope for 2 weeks at a time without him...but hopefully in another 3 weeks I will be feeling more confident about parenting alone. 

The dog has adjusted quite well to our new family member. He is still a little wary of the baby but is getting better. He spends a great deal of time sniffing out all the baby stuff and licking Hayden's feet when he can reach him. He is very curious about all the sounds and often alerts us to when Hayden is stirring in his bassinet (if we are in another room of the house). I think they will be good friends once Hayden is big enough to play.

I am still debating as to what to do about this blog...I don't know whether I should just change the title and layout of my current blog or go the whole hog and make a completely new one. Something to think about and actually act upon when I have some more time. 

Will share some more photos when I get them off the phone and camera.


babycrazykiwi said...

Whatever you do I plan to carryon reading! Can't wait to see more pics of your precious one. Keep up the great work :)

♥ Cass said...

Im glad you are lovely motherhood! I cant believe its been 2.5 weeks already! how time flys! Cant wait to see some pics of your little man and which ever you decide with your blog I will continue to follow. xx

Gurlee said...

So glad to hear that things are going smoothly, I look forward to some pictures!
BTW, I think your blog name is a good one....