My Very First Blog Entry

Saturday, March 20, 2010

So here I am. My very first blog. My very first entry. I have been writing a TTC Diary on BubHub. It's here if you would like to read my TTC journey so far. 

I am 25, turning 26 this year. My husband has recently turned 26.

We decided to start trying for our first baby in August last year. Still no luck. 

We are up to our 9th cycle of TTC. Medical intervention is now needed (IMO). I am off to the doctor on Monday to see what the next step is. 

My body has thrown me a massive curve ball this cycle. I am currently CD10 and appear to have already ovulated a few days ago. Since I began temping I have ovulated between CD12-16. My cycles are usually 24-28 days long. So I am completey confused. 

Why is ovulating already such a bad thing you ask? Well it probably wouldn't be if my hubby was around..but he works away and is not home until next week. So this cycle is now a write off and was our last chance to conceive a 2010 baby. 

I guess 2010 was not meant to be the year of the baby for us. Extremely dissapointing, as when we first started TTC last year, I thought I would be pregnant by Christmas! 

Naivé or what?!?

So this is me. This is where we are right now. Trying as best we can, without any success.