CD14..maybe 1DPO?!?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Yes, I think I am officially in the TWW. Now I just need FF to confirm this with some cross hairs. Another 2 mornings of raised temps and I should get them too!! :)

Weekend was great. We went camping and the rain mostly held off. Only a few light showers but we had set up by then so it wasn't a bother. Was nice to get away with friends and just chill out and do absolutely nothing! Well not quite nothing..but just sit and eat and drink and play was good! Didn't want to come home..although I must say I missed my comfy bed!!

So looking at my temps I think I O'd yesterday but my temp might not be entirely accurate given I had a restless nights sleep in the tent and was probably cooler than what I would be at home. Oh well. I think we BDed enough around the we are in with a shot I suppose. Had some horrific O pain on Friday night. It was like a stitch on my right hand side around my belly button. But about 100 times more painful! Especially when I moved or bent in certain ways. We were at a friends place Friday night and at one point I almost doubled over and cried out from the pain..but I had to bite my tongue! I mean what was I going to say?!? 'Sorry, I've just got some really bad ovulation pain...' Hahahaha..It seemed to ease by the time I went to bed and by the morning it was gone. So strange!

The FS appointment is at 12:30pm. I am nervous and excited all rolled into one. Not sure what to expect. Not sure what to ask. I have printed out all my FF charts to show him and I have my test results from my GP. We just called DH's GP to see if we could come and collect his test results, but they just said the FS could call up and get them. So hopefully that's correct. Am hoping like crazy that his results are all normal. It would be nice to rule him out of our problems trying to conceive. Then the FS can focus on me. 

Well we've got stuff to do before this appointment so I better go. Wish me luck!