no energy

Saturday, April 24, 2010

No energy today. It's raining and miserable so maybe that has something to do with it. I slept so well last night after all that manual a bit stiff today though! 

We have done next to nothing today..well we went out and bought groceries, but that was necessary given the lack of food in the house, and the fact that I promised my family they could come over tomorrow night for a BBQ dinner..

Got home, unpacked groceries and an overwhelming tiredness slipped over me. Lay down with DH to watch a movie and promptly fell asleep. Woke up in time for the end of the movie and put on another (which I managed to stay awake for). DH then made us a very, very late lunch..maybe more an afternoon snack! I still feel like I could lie down and sleep for hours. 

I hoped to do some baking this afternoon, but I really can't be bothered! Will make a cheesecake tomorrow to have for dessert...on DH's request. I haven't made a cheesecake for years..I hope it turns out ok. I want to go visit my grandma too. She is back at home now and doing well. Will try do that tomorrow or Monday.

TWW is actually NOT driving me too crazy. Still temping..just because I am curious, but once this cycle is over I will retire my thermometer for good. Have to go get all my blood tests done on Tuesday morning. Not looking forward to this as with the amount of tests the FS wants done, it is going to be ALOT of blood...

I haven't booked the HyCoSy in yet as I need to know when AF will arrive..I guess I can make a guess and change the appointment if I am wrong. Will give them a call Tuesday and see if there is much of a wait for appointments. Maybe it would be better if I get in a little early.

So 6DPO and no symptoms to obsess over...


Green Sprout said...

Mmmmm... depends on how much attention you want to pay to being deadly tired all day. :-P If I am not doing your TWW monster any favours by feeding it, please tell me to put a sock in it.

Summastarlet said...

It did cross my mind..but I am trying to push it deep, deep down!!!