the unknown..

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I feel like my life is on hold until I test. I am sick of this anticipation...'Am I?...Aren't I?' *sigh*

My temp dropped today..not a lot, but still it was enough to depress me. I did have a restless sleep and don't think I got a solid 3 hours before I took my temperature. So I keep telling myself that maybe thats why I had a drop...(yeh, keep feeding the delusions...).
 A part of me is still hanging onto a shred of hope (as usual). This cycle seems different to the others..

-Tired. Always tired. 
-Still peeing a lot.
-Back to my stomach feeling really heavy.
-My cervix feels different from how it usually feels before AF's quite soft and slightly higher.
-Lots of creamy CM, except its usually quite thick and at the moment it's creamy but a little watery. 

Who knows?!? It's a waiting game now. Your guess is as good as mine to whether I am UTD or not. I hope this is it. 
DH text me to say that he will be taking that new job. He must have sorted out the contract issues with them...I will talk to him tonight and find out more. So that means it will be back to a 14/7 roster. So crap when TTC. Depending on when he starts then he will probably miss next cycles chance (after the HyCoSy).