CD22/ 9DPO

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

HUGE temp rise this morning!!! OMG..I am starting to get a little bit excited that this might be it...BUT once again trying not to get too excited incase I am dissapointed again.

I am tired again today, but we were up at 4:45am so that might have something to do with it..though I did go to bed earlier to try and compensate. Have had a sore throat the past few days and as of yesterday I can taste/feel mucus at the back of my throat when I swallow (gross!!). So perhaps I am just getting a cold and that would account for all of these 'symptoms', including the higher temps..*sigh*
DH back at work so I somehow have to distract myself til Friday when I can idea how I will manage that. I was so tempted to stop at the shops on the way home from work today and pick up some FRs..but I talked myself out of it. 9DPO is still too early. I am glad I have no tests in the house!

Went and had my BTs done today. Will call the FS tomorrow arvo to see if results are in..well I think the only result that I need to worry about is if I am ovulating or not. I am wondering whether the tests would show up if I was pregnant or not..I don't know whether that is a separate test altogether. I am having little daydreams of calling up for my results and having him tell me that I am pregnant...
LMFAO @ me. I am sad.And quite possibily slightly delusional...

Not much else to report. I am having some cramp/stitch like pains in my stomach. Hoping its not AF gearing up for arrival..Perhaps it's a little bubba getting comfy?!? I can only hope.