Down. Down. Down...

Monday, May 3, 2010


No AF..yet. Temp dropped below coverline this morning (just). She must be on her way. Had a few mild cramps this morning too. Can't imagine that would be anything else.

So, once again I am not pregnant. 

There have been quite a few BFPs announced on BubHub the last few days. So depressing. Especially when it's girls that have only been trying a month or 2. How come it's so easy for them?!?! What makes it even worse is they come into the threads and go on about how hard the TWW is and how they don't think they are UTD this month...and then they post 'oh I just tested to confirm AF was coming and I got a BFP!!'. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! 

When is it my turn?!?!?! Surely I have been waiting long enough...We have done everything we possibly can to catch the egg...and still no result. 

What's wrong with me?

What makes this month's failure even harder to deal with is the fact that I will have the HyCoSY done and then DH won't be home at the right time. So quite possibly this cycle could be the one where I actually have a chance of falling pregnant...and I have no husband home to do his bit. 

It's the f%@#ing story of my life.

Excuse my language...BUT...

F#$@ TTC. You try and you try and you try but you never get the result you want. I really can't deal with this anymore. It shouldn't be so hard to have a baby. Seems it's ok for drug f@#$ed, dole bludgers to have babies, or 14 year old girls...but not me. 

What the f&%# have I done to deserve this?


Green Sprout said...

:-( I'm glad that DH is in the other room or he'd be asking me why I'm all upset. Gosh that was a hard post to read...

I don't have answers. I don't really even have anything inspirational to say. But I am feeling your pain...because it is the same thing I've been battling these last couple weeks.

(((SUMMA))) You are not alone...