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Sunday, May 2, 2010

CD27/14DPO and still no sign of AF. 


I am getting fed up with my body. 

Either I'm pregnant-so give me a positive HPT or I'm not so give me my period so I can move on.

I think I have probably said this before, but the female body has a lot to answer for. Especially mine. I think it need to be in special ed...

On a happier note, I have been busy baking. Made chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese icing last night and this morning I have been baking honey snap biscuits. The dog likes them..he stole one off the bench...Needless to say he got into A LOT of trouble!!!! Naughty puppy!! He is such a food scab. You would think he has never been fed the way he acts!!
My dad is here this morning. He is gurneying down the driveway as it's gone all slimey and slippery after so much rain. I almost fell on my ass the other day bringing the wheelie bin back down...not fun when it's a massive slope! I would have slid all the way to the bottom...ouch! So my dad kindly offered to come round and do it on his day off! Love my dad!!


Green Sprout said...

oh yeah... best quote of all time that was! :-)

Seems us TTC lot are having a collectively dodgy body cycle. You can't get AF. Rolz still hasn't O'd. Shel's body offered to O and then took it back. We have runs of BFPs and then runs of BFFUs. (Big Fat F*** Ups)

Summastarlet said... it!

Well another run of BFPs would be nicer..