Monday, May 3, 2010

I think the worst thing about all this is that I am going through a really hard time and I can't talk to anyone in RL about it.

Would I feel any less crap if I could cry on my mum or my sisters shoulders? What about if I could tell my friends what we are going through? 

I think it would be a relief in many ways. But then you have that added pressure of people knowing, and asking...'are you pregnant yet?' or 'any luck?' or 'what's wrong with you?'. I don't think I need any of that. Having people ask when we are going to have a baby is more than enough for me. 

Yes, we've been married 3 years..No, we don't have any children yet! 

Somedays I just want to blurt this whole sad, sorry story out to my mum. At least I would have some support in RL. Yes, my FB girls are great..but cyber hugs are not quite the same....


Green Sprout said...

I hear you there too.

I come from a family of super fertiles. Both my sister and I are accidents. My sister already has one and in three weeks time will be giving birth at 34 years of age to the third family accident.

If the inlaws had any trouble conceiving, I certainly don't know about it.

If my mother knew she's be trying to psychically monitor me to see if there was a disturbance in the force to know if I'm pregnant. I'd then be bombarded with every email from the Courier Mail about how life itself causes infertility and how XYZ herb can cure endo and increase the odds of pregnancy. I am just not up to dealing with that...

Thinking about it, if I thought I could get what I needed without having it travel around the grape vine, I would have told someone already.

The rest of this comment I will direct to you out of public forum. :-)