Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My body has decided to play games with ne again.

The cramping has continued all night and still happening today. It's all the way across, not to one side like my ovulation pains have been in the past. Also my O pains have been more short, sharp pains. Whereas what I have been experiencing are definate cramps. I keep going to the bathroom to check if my body is really screwing me over and giving me an extremely early AF...but nothing! CM is definately not fertile signs of anything remotely close to EW.

What are you doing body?????

One little thought popped into my head in the wee hours of the morning. Perhaps I O'd early and this was implantation cramping?!? Let excitement and craziness take over for a short time when I POAS this morning. BFN of course, but a girl can dream right??? I have plenty of cheap HPTs so I may as well let the TWW crazies gain control now and let my POAS addict be satisfied...feels like forever since the last time I got to test! Silly thing is I don't even know if I am in the TWW!!!! I may have not even ovulated yet...earliest it's happened is CD12 and latest is CD16.

Nothing much I can do now, but obsess and wonder! Let the waiting begin....ugh.

Still holding out hope that Shel will get her positive in the next few days. Positive thoughts headed your way hun!!

If someone happens to invent a fast forward machine will they let me know?? I just want the next 2 weeks gone so I know if it's back to the fertility specialist for the next stage of testing or whatever he decides is our next step...


Shel said...

Have u tried taking ur temp? See if its a normal post ovulation temp? I know you aren't temping anymore but it might at least tell u if ur in the TWW or not!

Forever optimistic for me hun :) thank you :) your amazing! Very highly doubt it with the PMS today, but we tried our best and it was all we could do!

a fast forward machine would be AWESOME! WOOHOO although I would just be happy with a looking glass so I had some idea when all this might be over.

Hope your weeks is going fast and u aren't too lonely with DH away! As for your body, I am really hoping its doing something good. If it helps I started to get cramps at 9DPO back in October didn't get a bfp till 15DPO, so it might be working toward something, just might take some time! :) Man I hope so!

Summastarlet said...

Not sure about the temping..will have to look back at my charts and see if I had a clear post O temp....from recollection it was always different so not sure if it would help!

You are right..all we can do is try our best and wait it out.