CD25...holding out hope

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Held strong and did not test this morning!!! Go me!! The funny thing is I got up to go to the bathroom cos I was busting and when I got back into bed DH started asking when I was going to test..I'm like not today..I did yesterday and it was negative. He was a little peeved that I had tested without telling him, but I explained that it was only with a cheap test and I was saving the good ones. He then proceeded to try and convince me to go use a FR right then. Was quite funny!! I explained that FMU was best and that maybe I would try a FRER tomorrow morning.

DH is almost convinced I am pregnant. The sore nipples plus the fact that they are almost constantly hard is not usual for me and he has decided there is no other explanation! It's nice that he is so hopeful and involved. He generally hasn't bought it up much since we hit the 6 month mark of TTC. So I am stoked that he is openly talking about it and initiating conversations. It makes me feel like he really does want this as much as I do even if he isn't always as vocal about it.

I am cautiously excited...I have been here before thinking everything pointed to being pregnant...and then AF showed up and ruined the party. I don't want to set myself up for a massive fall....BUT I think it's too late. Oh well...not much I can do but dust myself off as best I can and prepare myself for the next step.

Insomnia still prevailed last night. Not much fun being super tired at a conference when you are meant to be listening and not yawning your head off!! Oh's better than sitting at my desk all day!

Nothing else stands out as a pregnancy sign. CM still inbetween creamy and watery...sitting here typing this now and feeling a little dizzy but I do suffer from benign positional vertigo so it could be that making a reoccurance...yuk! Cramps still on and off..kinda AFish but not. Bloated but that is not unusual pre AF so can't count that!

Sick of waiting!!! Give me 2 lines or give me AF. I can't wait much longer without going insane!!!


Shel said...

OMG OMG OMG OMG the same symptoms as me! It really all sounds go good this time Summa! I really really really hope this is it for you!

And you DH is being so cute. Perhaps he knows something, can feel something. I do hope he is right. And imagine if he was! Wow that would amazing!

I can't wait for you to see those two lines!

Shel said...

Oh wait should clarify that. The same symptoms I get when UTD! they are complete give aways for me! Know I am pg straight up!

Summastarlet said...

Thanks Shel. I am still not convinced.

Nani said...

yep, that we me to, the hard nipples all the time while I was UTD. Sounds very good to me!!!!!