Ups and downs

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

BFN this morning...and after convincing myself as I lay awake last night that this IS IT-I must be was a real let down.

I could not sleep last so tired but had real trouble getting to sleep. And even then I tossed and turned..I was too hot,too cold, uncomfortable, needed to get up and pee...

It also didn't help that because DH was so tired (he had finished work at 6am and made himself stay up until I went to bed..which was like over 24 hours with no sleep) he snored...and was talking in his sleep about random things.

Argghhhhhh!!!!! I just wanted some sleep!!!

We went to bed at 8:30pm. I was still awake at midnight and had been up to the loo twice...I must have gotten a few hours eventually as I don't feel too awful. I am sure it will hit me soon once the coffee wears off.

My nipples are still painful. I still experiencing cramps. Lots of CM..but it's alternating between creamy and idea what that means.

I am CD24 today. Tempted to crack out a FRER but don't want to waste them! Still plenty of ICs but not sure how sensative these are...I will try hold out using the FRs til the weekend..surely if I am UTD it will show by then?!?

*sigh* I just want to be put out of my misery..even if it means AF turns up..


Shel said...

All pointing excellent signs there!!!!!!! Just give it time! I know its easier said than done! As for IC's I found them crap! first bfp I ever got was so so so very pale on the IC, DH didn't believe it was there. Got a Clear blue, dark positive straight up and that was 15DPO!

Your symptoms are so good. I really do hope this is it for you!