Friday, June 25, 2010

Universe and my body were obviously playing a sick joke on me.

Went to the loo and when I wiped there were a few spots.

Yes , yes it might be implantation..but when you have tried to tell yourself that almost every month you have been TTC when the spotting starts...well you tend not to fall for that anymore.

So I guess I can add sore, hard nipples to my list of 'pre-AF symptoms' and wipe it off the 'possible pregnancy symptoms'.

I was in the middle of a positive blog post...but I don't feel like finishing it now. Smiley


Green Sprout said...

Uhhhhhh *jumps and down* :-(

*runs around like a mad women with Kate's banner*

We're going to carry this sucker all the way to the end.


Shel said...

I'm here if u need anything. I want to say something positive and say hold out hope till AF shows for sure but sometimes big hugs is better! I really thought this was it for u and if its not that is just horrible and cruel of the universe! :(

Nani said...

That's just crap! Crap Crap Crap! Yuck!!!!!!
But I still <3 you!
So sorry Sum! Bugger you babay giver-outer give Summa a BABY!!!