Body, why do you taunt me?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

IC test = BFN
FRER= BFN ( but started with a white line appearing within first few mins where the 2nd line should be...making me wonder what was going on but it disappeared so now it looks like every other negative test)

Cramps are slowly starting. I am sure AF is not far now...unless she wants to mess with my head a little bit more.

Why does my body do this to me??

TTC is bad enough without your own body playing mean tricks on you.

Today we have passed the 51 week mark too.

51 weeks and 1 day.

Completely lost my optimism now.

This stinks.

I can't stand this month after month of getting nothing, getting nowhere.

No one warns you of thus when you embark on this journey. Because for most people it doesn't turn into a journey-it's just a short ride and pregnancy is the long haul...

Not for me. I will spend more time trying to conceive a baby then carrying one.

What a joke!

And no one can tell me how much longer this will take. I want an end date but that's not possible. Right now it's live in 3 months increments.

3 months on the drugs.
3 months of IUI.
Then IVF...which can take longer than 3 months...way longer.

This is too depressing. Where's a magic wand when you need one?!?

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Green Sprout said...

This whole thing really can be a bastard. :-(

Give the drugs an opportunity to work for you. I know with Clomid they usually give it about 3 or 4 cycle before the odds of conception by the drug alone are considerably diminished. I doubt that the Femara is much different.

Stay focused... you've got a plan and your doc isn't making you wait around six months on each. Hopefully, it won't come to IVF. But if it does, cross that bridge when you get there.