Just to add to my misery

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Today is officially CD1 of cycle 14.

And AF is even more painful than last month. I could barely move this morning and had to send DH to the chemist to bring back something stronger than the Advil I had in the cupboard. Don't know what I would have done if he wasn't here..I would not have been able to get dressed, get to the car and drive..by the time he left I was crying in pain.

Once I got the stronger stuff into me it took about 40 mins and a burning hot heat pack for me to be able to sit up in bed without wincing in pain.

Another 20 minutes or so and I was able to get some uni stuff done..but I did not move from the bed til about 4pm.

Showered, took more pain killers and made it to my parents for Sunday roast. Yum yum!

Cramps are still there but drugs seem to be doing there job as long as I have them regularly.

I am contemplating going back to my FS to get this investigated further...it can't be normal. I am not due to see him until he reviews me after my 3 months on letrozole is up which will be around the end of September/early October (unless I am UTD before then). I don't think I can handle another period like this so it's something to consider.

In other news, DH is back to work tomorrow. Another week away, but again luckily it times in well for my 'fertile' times and when the FS wants us to have sex..let's see if round 2 is more successful!

I have actually coped better with the fail this month then what I thought. I didn't cry, didn't have a tanty and haven't spiraled too far down into the depths of despair. I think I was too busy being in total agony...

Had a little bitch to DH and said it's not fair, and he agreed. He actually seemed quite disappointed and as each step brings us closer to IUI & IVF he seems to be more willing to talk about it and definitely seems to be on board if that's the road we end up taking. Hoping it's not, but it's nice to know he is on the same page!

So I will carry on the same as last month.

-letrozole CD3-8
-metformin twice daily
-sex CD12, 14 & 16 (minimum)
-try not to obsess too much in between...

Not much else we can do. And at least I have uni and the organising of our holiday to distract me further.

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Green Sprout said...

You generally seem more at peace with things so I am not surprised you've been able to stand up through the weather.

That kind of pain reminds me of the endo.... You've been off the pill for 12 months now and that was about the point things stated to ramp up for me (I came off the pill Jan last year). Mind you, according to the wonderful Dr. A, having a retroverted uterus is also associated with a painful AF. Although he never has told me specifcally that... *shrugs*

Really good that DH is responding so well. You are very lucky. It may have taken him a while to come round but now you know you'll be supported the whole way through. xxxx