CD25...waiting and wondering

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

So no AF...yet.

I am still convinced she is coming though. Not so much cramping today but CM still gone and I am now super bloated, which is usually another sure fire sign AF is circling the neighborhood.

I'm not giving up all hope..just preserving my sanity and being realistic. I don't know what the stats are on drugs working first time round, but I'm sure it's not high.

DH is home so I will once again have him to hold me up if we don't get the news we are desperately hoping for. He hasn't asked what is happening and I haven't bought it up willingly. I have said I am waiting for BT results to confirm I am ovulating but didn't want to burden him with my thoughts that it hasn't worked this month either...

I called the FS earlier for my BT results. He of course called back while I was with a now I suppose I have to call again! Not that I am overly concerned...he made it quite clear that he thought I had ovulated when I had my internal last week. I am more interested in the numbers to compare with pre meds!

Not much else...I don't feel pregnant so I suppose that's what is making me sway strongly to the opinion that AF is indeed coming...surely I would have some sort of 'feeling' to the contrary otherwise?!?!

Only time will I will end with this...


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