End of the line?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Think this month is a bust.

CM has dried up.
Had some slight cramps on and off today.
All usually signs AF is on her way.

I am more than a little disappointed. I suppose there was always the hope at the back of my mind that we would conceive first month on meds. You can't help but wish for that to happen...and I suppose for some couples it actually does work out this way!

But not for us by the looks of things...

Another blow to my faltering positivity.
Another thing for me to shed some tears over.
Another cycle down the drain.

How many more before we get our happy ending??????

So it looks as if we will well and truly pass the 12 month mark before we see those mythical 2 pink lines...

Blah..why do I let myself even get my hopes up a little?!? It's hurts coming down, even if it's only a little way...and on the way down all your happy day dream bubbles burst...

Won't say anything to DH til AF shows up...no point in both of us being upset.

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