Saturday, July 31, 2010

CD7 which means only one more day of letrozole!!!

Today side effects haven't been too bad. No headaches, just nausea, mood swings and hot flushes. Perhaps tomorrow will be even better?!?

Did some more uni stuff today and also caught up with a friend for coffee. We took our dogs down to the dog park first and I ended up in a fight with this old guy! Well it was more him screaming in my face while I tried to remain calm and not smack him in the face! He was so rude!!

Now I remember why I stopped going there...some people think they own the park and can make their own rules. Plus some are way too over protective of their dogs..it's quite sad.

I am quite proud of myself that I didn't stoop to his level and yell back.

Tomorrow is my grandmas 83rd birthday and we are having a lunch up at her place. She has been a bit down lately so hopefully this will cheer her up. This also means we will be taking her to see Mamma Mia soon!! Very exciting!!

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