Sunday, August 1, 2010

Last dose of Letrozole today!! Smiley

Side effects seemed to have eased off also, which I am very pleased about. No more headaches! Nausea isn't quite so bad either. Now let's hope it does what it's meant to do, and my body makes me a baby!!

Had a lovely day catching up with family for my grandma's birthday. She had a great day and was in really good spirits! She looks really well too which is fabulous. She was diagnosed with lung cancer several months ago now which was a bit of a shock to the family as my pop (her husband) died of cancer about 6 years ago. But she is strong and a fighter so we are all hopeful. 

Anyways, today was lovely. I even got my baby fix with my cousin's twins!! SmileyThey are so adorable. They had their 1st birthday afew weeks ago. I can't believe how time flies!! Weirdly enough baby cuddles make me feel better, not worse! I just felt very peaceful sitting there holding them...

DH is home on Tuesday afternoon which is great. Feels like this past week has gone quite quickly despite how crap I was feeling for most of it. I am sure his week home will also fly. It's amazing how much we can fit into those days home. The frustrating part is that EVERYONE wants to catch up with him when he is home. Sort of insulting for me as I don't often hear from some of our friends when I am home by myself..only when DH is back.   SmileyOh well...

Quiet night on the couch with the dog, before I kick my ass into gear tomorrow with uni work, housework and possibly grocery shopping...going to be a busy day!