Another one of 'those' days..

Monday, August 2, 2010

Not a good day today. 

Couldn't sleep last night so stayed awake til about 1am before I drifted off to sleep. However, I tossed and turned all night...

Just didn't have the energy or will power to get out of bed this morning.  Smiley

I slept on and off til about 11am and then started some readings for uni. This in itself was a task and a half...took me so long (and I am still not up to date!). Plus the dog was being annoying...he wanted out then in, then in then out...etc etc you get the idea!! VERY FRUSTRATING!!

Managed the mammoth effort of getting dressed and going grocery shopping this evening. I figured it wasn't fair to DH to come home to an empty fridge and pantry! So all stocked up now. 
Now what little energy I had has gone, plus I feel nauseous and have a headache...Smiley

I think I will run myself a hot bath and have a good cry...perhaps I will feel better after that.