bit of an update

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

So cranky...I did a massive post last night and blog press ate it. Got on here this morning and the post has dissapeared into thin air! Smiley

So where to start..??


I took a  sick day from work today. I decided I would work on my assignments and other uni stuff. So did I have a productive day? No. Smiley

I am really beginning to wonder how on earth I am going to get through this term...let alone several more years of this!!! I had forgotten how much I procrastinate when I study. Like seriously...ALL THE FREAKIN' TIME!!!! Smiley

Considering how many students I see in my job and how often I give out study skills, time management tips etc etc....I do not seem to be taking any of this on board for myself! Smiley It's really bad. I am not a good role model...

Being behind is actually really starting to stress me out A LOT. I am freaking out about going away on holidays and not being caught up with everything. I really have to kick my butt into gear over the next 3 weeks and get into it!!


CD18 today. Nothing to report. 
Again this cycle I am striving to not read into any so called 'symptoms' and not get my hopes up (Yeah, yeah..we all know how that works out so well!!).
No idea how many DPO I am. I think I O'd earlier than usual due to all the O pains & watery CM..but there's no way to prove that! My guess would be CD11 which means we only DTD once before O day...and everything else was after. Only time will tell...I don't have many tests left in the house either, only a couple of IC's so I won't even be able to unleash my POAS addict.  Smiley


One more work day for me and then the weekend. Friday & Saturday will be ass whooping time for me in regards to uni. I have an assignment due Monday and it MUST BE DONE!! 

Sunday is going to be an awesome day! Smiley  

We are going to see MAMMA MIA!!!!! 

I think I posted ages ago that my mum and me bought tickets to see 'Mamma Mia' for my grandma for her birthday. On her birthday (which was a few weeks ago) we presented her with an invitation which pretty much said we can't wrap her gift and all will be revealed on Sunday the 15th August. We told her to be ready in the morning and once we reach our destination all will be revealed! She is intrigued!!! 

It's going to be great to see the look on her face when we tell her what we are doing. She loves live shows, loves ABBA and really enjoying the movie version of 'Mamma Mia', so she should be super excited.  Smiley


My psych appointment is 9am Friday morning (ooooo Friday the 13th-spooky). I am looking forward to it weirdly enough. I need some help before I dig myself down too deep. I do not want to wind up on anti depressants again (unless it absolutely necessary) so I figure this is a pro-active approach.