CD15...I hate Sundays

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday. I hate Sundays. Always have.

Sundays used to signal the end of the weekend and going back to school.
Then they used to signal going back to work and uni.
Now they signal DH going back to work and our last night together for another week.

Nothing to report on the TTC front.
We have DTD CD10, 12, 13 & 14. Might go for 15 tonight if we aren't too tired. Definately hit CD16 tomorrow before DH leaves.

We have done all we could. Used sperm friendly lube, DTD in the 'ultimate' baby making positions and I have tried to elevate for at least 15-20 minutes afterwards.

Now it is up to my body...-insert hysterical laughter here-

Fat chance. I have no hope for this cycle, or any other until we reach IVF.

I have a gut feeling that this will be our journey...we WILL end up on the IVF road. My gut feeling was right about there being something wrong with me, so lets see if this one is accurate.

Bring on our holiday. I need to get away.

Pity we have to come back....


Green Sprout said...

If there is one thing I have learned about gut feelings... they aren't to be relied for any reason other than life threatening circumstances. The apparently impossible seems to have a nasty way of sniping us from behind. Probably not what you want to hear from me right now but in terms of gut feelings being wrong... think I can safely say that I is expert at that. *marches around with banner cape* xxxx