CD19..another day passed

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Edging closer to the end of this TWW. To be honest I would much rather if I could fast forward to the day AF is due. Would save all this waiting and wondering. I am still quite adamant that this cycle will be another big, fat fail...but I am willing to be proven wrong! Nothing feels any different to last month. My body seems to be doing the same things. Surely that's not a good sign? I mean seeming it has failed all these months, then surely it would need to do something different to give me a positive?!?

Weekend for me starts tomorrow. It's a relief at the moment that I only work 3 days a week. Next week I won't even have to be in the office either. I am taking Tuesday as a TOIL day so I can pick DH up from the airport and then very, very early Wednesday morning I fly up north to the main campus for a team day/staff retreat. It's only for 2 days/1 night but still sucks that it's happening when DH is home...but can't be helped. At least DH will be home to take care of the pup...and I can make him drive me to the airport and pick me up too (payback for the hundreds of times I have done it for him the past few years!!). 

I got my painting today! My auntie promised us one when we moved into our house last year so it is a very belated house warming present. It's absolutely gorgeous. I am so lucky to have such a talented auntie. Can't wait until DH is home so we can hang it!

 Isn't it gorgeous?!?! Makes me smile whenever I look at it...