nothing else I can do now

Friday, August 27, 2010

Ok, so I am a little more upbeat than I was yesterday.

I have made an appointment with my FS for the 7th September (that was the earliest I could get in). I am going to tell him about the shorter cycle, period pain and the extreme side effects of the metformin. I am also going to explain that DH will be away next cycle at the 'right' time and ask about the option of freezing his swimmers. I am hoping there is enough time to organise this for the next cycle so we can start IUI. I am also going to ask about a lap and see whether it can be done at the beginning of my next cycle too. 

Now all I can do is wait and hope that things WILL work out. Once again it's out of my hands (you think I would be used to that in this game!!). Oh I could also go the extreme angle and hope that we will get our BFP this cycle so I don't even have to worry about all the other stuff...but lets not go crazy here!! 

It's time to have some realistic expectations...not fantasies!

I am feeling better about the uni factor too. I got a lot of readings done last night and completed 2 more online quizzes. Now I just want to do one more lot of readings, one more quiz and write a couple of hundred words for an assignment. I think it's doable. 

Tomorrow is a write off due to the Open Day at work. They gave us shirts to wear for the day. They are BRIGHT green with BRIGHT pink pictures and writing....stylish! I am not a green person. It doesn't suit me at all. So not impressed that I will be wearing it all day. And NO I will not be posting a photo of me in the aforementioned shirt. Smiley