countdown to holiday time

Sunday, August 29, 2010

No signs of cramps or CM. What's going on?!?! Maybe my body is being nice and trying to hold out until DH comes home on Tuesday...Oh well, just wait and see what happens!

The Open Day at work yesterday went really well. We had a huge turn out of people. Busy day and I was exhausted by the end of it. I even had my face painted!! Was nice to unwind with a glass of wine and nibbles with the other staff afterwards. I even got used to the hideous green shirt! It didn't feel so stupid when you were surrounded to 20 other people wearing the same thing! 

All organised for our trip. I can't believe we leave in 3 more days!! I have almost finished packing my suitcase already...yes, I am super organised!! Just need DH to bring his bag home so we can pack his gear up. Not that we need much...will be making good use of all our summer clothes and togs of course!! I am looking forward to the warm weather and sunshine! Can just imagine spending days laying on the beach or by the pool, drinking cocktails and relaxing.