Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Can't sleep. DH is snoring his head off.

My sex marathon plan has gone out the window..

No sex for me tonight..DH was 'too tired'....

Not the words you want to hear when one of your ovaries is twanging your side with pain.

I would cry but he would wake up and then I would have to explain..and I don't want to make him feel guilty...(well part of me does but trying very hard not to go there).

I am wondering how long o pain can last before the egg actually pops...or if it continues after you have popped??

If I have popped then last night was our only shot...and if I am popping now then tomorrow may be too late...

I really hate this.

I want it to be easy.

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Lauren said...

Maybe you can have a quickie in the morning? :) Is timed sex something that is off-putting to him? My husband hates when he "has" to do it.

Green Sprout said...

:-( Know this feeling ALL too well.

I give up actually knowing my body. I have ovulated a day after the bulk of what I thought was ovulation pain and I have also ovulated the same day. Luck of the draw really. The wonderful Dr. A seems to think that eggs last more than 24 hours so I wouldn't give up just yet.