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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's finally time for our holiday!!! This time tomorrow night we will be in Fiji!!!


I am so excited and nervous I don't think I will sleep much tonight. Keep going over everything I have packed and checking it off the list I have in my head. I am so obsessive compulsive with stuff like this and know I will want to check my bags a hundred times before we leave so I can confirm that I have indeed packed the passports and tickets! DH thinks it's hilarious and keeps telling me to stop stressing. I can't help it!!!!!!!

I will stop stressing once we are sitting on the plane...

This holiday has come at the best time. It's going to be wonderful to get away from my life, even if it's only for 5 days. I am hoping to come back with a renewed energy and some new found positivity as well.

On the TTC front I spoke with DH today about the latest development. Explained I have an appointment with the FS when we get back from holidays and that we are close to starting IUI if this cycle is a fail. Broke the news about him not being home for our fertile time the next few months and explained we would have to see if his samples can be frozen. He is cool with this, though kept asking what happens if they use the wrong weird how guys minds work!!! I have not thought of this ever!! He is also (understandably) disappointed that we may not be able to conceive naturally but I wonder if this is the male ego coming into play?!?

I also broached the subject of telling people what's been going on for us. Straight up his response was 'no way'. His reason? 'i don't want people to know we are having trouble-they will think it's my fault'. We talked a bit more and I explained we need support and if it makes him feel better about it we can come straight out and tell people that the fertility issue lies with me, not him. This seemed to put him at ease. I didn't want to overwhelm him with it all at once so will pick a time to discuss who we want to tell...him agreeing to it was a big enough step to start!!

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Nani said...

Going to miss you, but have fun!