Fijian Adventures (and a TTC update too)

Monday, September 6, 2010

We are back from Fiji and had an amazing time!! 5 days wasn't long enough and we really didn't want to come home! It didn't help that we have come home to miserable weather (pouring rain) when we have come from blue skies and sunshine...but I suppose that's what happens when you have holidays!

The resort we stayed at was small but gorgeous. We were greeted with a welcome drink on arrival and lots of 'bulas' from all the staff. 

We stayed in a beachfront bure. This is the view from our verandah.

The weather was perfect. Warm days and nights. No rain. Lots of sunshine. Just what we hoped for. Watching the sunset over the sea was amazing!! 

We did some sightseeing and went to afew of the towns close to where we were staying. The Fijian people are very friendly, but everyone wants you to buy things from them. It was hard at first, but we learnt to say no! Did lots of shopping and bought some great wooden carvings & I got some cute jewellery. 

We also did a day cruise through the islands aboard the 'Seaspray'. This was a great tour. We stopped at Modriki Island (where they filmed the movie 'Castaway') and snokelled here. I wish we had of had an underwater camera because it was amazing!!!! So many fish, so many colours! The water was sooooo blue and clear. Picture perfect! 

We then went to Yanuya Island and visited a Fijian village. We even got to try kava...tastes like muddy water if you haven't had this experience! And it makes your tongue go numb!! Not sure why the Fijians like it so much!! 

We took almost 700 photos and um-teen hours of video footage! Think we went a little snap happy! Now I need to sort through the photos and pick out the best of to show people as I am sure noone would be willing to sit through 700! 

I am feeling very relaxed and so glad we took the time to get away and unwind. I don't think either of us realised how stressed we were until we got to Fiji! I am also feeling a lot less down compared to how I was feeling the few days before we left. DH and I had a good 'D & M' while we were away about TTC. He has agreed that it's time to 'come out' of the infertility closet to our families and some of our close friends. So in the next few weeks I will figure out how I am going to tell my parents and my sister...and then perhaps we will start on the friends! It's like a small weight has been lifted from the heavy weight I have carried around since we started TTC over a year ago. It will be nice to not have to have this secret hanging over me anymore, and hopefully will offer us some extra support as we face the new challenges of IUI and even perhaps IVF. 

I have my FS appointment tomorrow so will hopefully have some answers regarding our next cycle and whether we can freeze up DH's spermies for later usage! Also be nice to know whether or not he feels a lap is necessary and if so how quickly it can be done. No real idea about this current cycle. I am CD19 today. AF should be here in about a week's time. I don't know if we BD'ed enough around O. I am pretty sure it happened CD12/13. We managed to DTD CD13,15, 16 & 17. Might have been too late...I have not been paying close attention to my body-I was determined to leave TTC thoughts behind while I was on holidays. I was successful (except for when DH & I had our talk) which surprised me as I thought having more free time would take my baby brain into overdrive!! 

So there you have it-a quick run down on our holiday plus some TTC stuff to boot!