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Friday, September 24, 2010

My PCOS is confirmed from my u/s that was done the other day. I have an appointment next Thursday with the locum FS to discuss the results further. Hoping they can tell me whether I need to have ovarian drilling done or not. I am willing to try anything if it gives us a better chance at conceiving, even if it means having someone burn holes in my ovaries!!

I had my blood tests done today too. 4 vials of blood, and have to go back Monday to give more as the lady who took my blood didn't realise that one of the tests I need is only done on Mondays and Thursdays. I wish she had of realised this before I gave her all my blood!! Oh well. At least that's me almost done...

Still no word on what's happening with DH's roster. I am desperately hoping that he can come home Tuesday. We can get his spermies frozen, he can do his blood tests and then we will be all ready to rock and roll next month! Well that's the plan in my head...we'll see if it works out that way!!!

Busy day of errands today plus some shopping. I forced myself to look at baby stuff (very hard at first..was walking through the aisles trying to hold back tears) and then forced myself to buy SIL a baby shower present.

-cue gasps and shocked faces-

I bought the evil SIL a present...why? Well I figure I am in the dog house for saying no to going to the shower (yes I said no...MIL harassed me about it earlier in the week and all I said was I couldn't make it) and she is probably ready to bitch to DH about how awful I am (plus anyone else who will listen). So I figure that if I still get her a shower present, then I look like a nice person (which I swear I am generally...except when it comes to my SIL). I really got into the spirit of things and as she is having a girl, it was easy to pick out lots of cute, pink things. Sooo....I ended up with a couple of cute little outfits, some bibs, a pair of Bonds babytails (soooo cute), a rattle, 2 pairs of tiny weeny socks, a little elephant soft toy/blankety thing, a hanging toy for the pram and some baby body products.

Think I may have gone a tad overboard...but I figure if I can't buy baby stuff for myself...then I can go crazy and buy it for everyone else I know that's having babies!!! It's almost as good as buying it for my own bubba....but not quite. I am going to post it to her (as I still don't really want to see her) but at least it makes me look like I am being nice and doing the right thing. I figure once the baby's born we can buy some more little things and a mummy present for her....(because she will expect a 2nd present once the baby's born...I'm sure of it).

Can I just say...there are way too many cute baby clothes around! was so hard to stick to just 1 or 2 outfits. I could have spent a small fortune! I don't know how I will ever be able to control myself once our bubba decides to join us....I will always want to be shopping for him/her.

I am very proud of myself for not bursting into tears during this shopping expedition. And even when I brought it all home and wrapped it up I stayed super strong. Progress!

Catching up with Nani and Green Sprout tomorrow. I am very excited as I haven't seen either of them since they got their much waited for BFPs! Looking forward to a lovely afternoon with the 2 of them, and so grateful that they are making the trek up (yes Nani you were right-it's up) to see me.  


Lauren said...

I'm sorry that your PCOS is confirmed but I'm glad you have a diagnosis so you're able to really hone in on what needs to be done to get your BFP.

Have a wonderful time with Nani and Green Sprout! :)