Day 11-What Would You Change About Yourself

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Think I am finally back on track with this blogging project! Go me!

What Would I Change About Myself?

First thing that pops into my head is (of course) my ovaries...or perhaps just my whole reproductive system in general. Preferably I would like one that's super fertile...yup that would be awesome.

10 years ago I would have said my hair. It's black, straight and really thick and this drove me mad when I was a teenager as I wanted anything but this!! As I grew older I learnt to love it, especially when hairdressers started commenting on how thick and gorgeous my hair was! But now I really do love my hair.

My cheeks is something else I would change...I have been cursed with chubby cheeks. Now this is all well and good when you are little and it's cute. But as you get older it's kinda embarassing. Especially when you have a year 10 teacher that comments on them (I could have killed him!!!) and then the whole class decides to give you the nickname 'cheeks'. Real nice...Asides from being chubby, they go bright red...not just when I am embarassed but when I am hot or nervous or stressed....ALL THE FREAKIN' TIME! I have to a certain point gotten over my self consciousness about them...but not completely. Some bone structure would be a nice change!

My height has always been another issue...though now I've stopped growing I think I've gotten over the wish to be tall! I'm not overly short...but not overly tall. Just somewhere in between. I am however taller than my mum...and it always amuses me to remind her of this!

Really, I can live with my cheeks and my shortness...I don't really need to change those things about myself...otherwise I wouldn't be me. But I could live without the crap reproductive system that can't do it's job properly...wonder if anyone would trade me?!!