Day 3-Write about a family member

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I am enjoying my blogging topics so far. Hope you are enjoying reading them!

Today's topic is 'write about a family member'.Tough just choosing 1 of my family to write about. I have such a wonderful array of family, but seeming I mentioned my sister in my lastest post I have chosen her.

My Sister 

My sister is almost 4 years younger than me-she just had her 22nd birthday in July. We were not the best of friends growing up. Like all sisters I suppose, we fought. I think the age gap was hard when we were younger. She always wanted to play with me and my friends, but she was 'too little' or 'too annoying' to be allowed to join in! As we got older the fighting intensified..we used to yell and scream at each other over everything! It drove my parents nuts!!! 

We didn't really become close until I moved out of home at 17 when I had finished school and was going off to start university. She used to come down on the train and visit me occasionally and I would take her around to all the fun places in the city. When I came home some weekends we would always have a great time hanging out. We can be friends...but we can't live with each other!!! 

My sister had a rough time through school. She was bullied in primary school by a group of boys who made her life miserable for some time. When she moved on to high school it seemed to turn around and she had lots of friends. However, girls are bitchy and unfortunately this particular groups of girls turned their bitchiness on her. She was too scared to go to school. My parents stepped in and spoke with the school. They were uninterested and did little to fix the problem and even blamed my sister. Parents were not impressed and they took her to a new school. Weirdly enough, a similar problem arose at the new this time my sister's self esteem and confidence were shot. She was always in tears and would beg my parents not to make her go to school. It was heartbreaking. She ended up completing her year 10 certificate via home schooling and then decided that she did not wish to go on to complete her senior certificate (year 11 & 12). 

At only 15 she decided on her career-a chef. She started a TAFE course to boost her skills and from this jumped into an apprenticeship. It was then that she flourished! She had found her niche in life. By 18 she was a qualified chef and by 20 she was head chef of a fine dining restaurant! Very impressive in an industry that favours men, and even more impressive for her age. 

My sister is somewhat clumsy and accident proned. If she can get hurt...she will! My mum used to say that she could 'find a mud puddle in the desert!'. Over the years she has had numerous injuries including broken arms and toes & 3rd degree burns. She was always one of those kids that was covered in scratches and bruises and bandaids!

Fast forward to the current day and she has found herself a wonderful partner who we hope may propose in the near future!! They had a trip overseas last year and went travelling all over the place for about 3 months. Coming back she has found it hard to find work (no one wants to hire a female chef here!!) and she has decided that she would like to further her education and broaden her employment prospects. She is looking at doing a health and nutrition degree at uni. 

I am very proud of my little sister. She has gone through a lot but has remained a kind and loving person. She has achieved so much in her career as a chef and is living a very happy life. I am lucky to have her as a sister and as a friend!!