Day 6-Ten Things I Cannot Do Anymore

Saturday, September 11, 2010

1. Stay up all night (would much rather be tucked up in bed).

2. Handstands (used to do these all the time at primary school...think I have lost my flexibility).

3. Drink A LOT and ALL NIGHT (this stopped after I had one too many tequila shots one night and ended up having my first every alcohol related vomit when I was about 22).

4. Eat a lot of dairy...(it doesn't seem to agree with my stomach anymore).

5. Speak Japanese (I studied it for 7 years while I was at school and now I can barely remember any of it!!).

6. Do the splits...(again I think I have lost my flexibility).

7. Sleep in late (gone are the days where I used to sleep until after lunchtime..seem to get up fairly early these days).

8. Finger knit (I used to be a champion at this while I was at primary school).

9. Kick ass at the 'Sonic the Hedgehog' video game (I used to be awesome at this but now I suck!).

10. Write in cursive (printing comes naturally to me now).