on her way...

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I have been so busy the past few days that I've hardly had time to sleep! My mum's 50th birthday is today and we have been in preparation mode all week! 2 of her best friends from school flew in from interstate just for her birthday weekend. I have one of them (plus her 2 children) staying with me which is lovely. This lady has been like an aunty to me and I love her dearly. Her children are just gorgeous and I have had a lot of fun with them. The youngest is a girl of 11 and her oldest is a boy who is 13. Both are great kids! 

We went to Australia Zoo yesterday..yes the crocodile hunter's zoo. I have been once before but not for a few years. It's awesome! So many animals to see and all the grounds and enclosures have been done so beautifully. We all had a ball despite the rain! 

Today my mum had a lunch at a gorgeous Balinese reestaurant nearby. All her family came and she had a wonderful time. Tonight she is having a party at her house with friends. I'll be heading back over there later too.  

My guests leave tomorrow but we are going to try and fit in a quick walk on the beach and some Sunday markets before they have to be at the airport! May as well squeeze as much in as we can while they are here!! 

All of this has been a GREAT distraction from the TWW...but as I am sitting here at the computer I have tuned into my body...and I think AF is coming. Lots of funny cramps and I feel very heavy in the stomach, which is usually agood sign my period is on the way. I haven't tested...I used my very last HPT on the morning of my FS appointment (just incase). Decided I will not buy anymore unless AF is late! So if nothing has happened by CD29/30 then I will go out and buy some First Response. But I really don't think I will be doing that! I am CD24 today and last month I only had a 25 day cycle...might be in for the same again this time round.

I am very cranky with myself as I forgot to ring the IVF clinic Friday to make an appointment. I am worried we won't get in and this next cycle will be wasted...but I keep telling myself that if this happens, it can't be helped and it's out of my control. I am slowly coming round to this...I mean, there is no point stressing and upsetting myself over things that are not in my control..especially when it comes to TTC. 

I know one day we will have a baby. It may not be for a long time...but one day I will get pregnant and 9 months later we will get to hold OUR baby in our arms. And it will be magical..because we have tried so hard and waited for so long for this miracle to join our family, and this baby will be loved and cherished by so many people. Yes, we may not be able to conceive naturally and yes we may have to wait even longer than the 12 months we have already been waiting...but our baby will come one day and it will be the happiest day of my life.