some good news for once!

Monday, September 27, 2010

DH is coming home tomorrow!!! No 3 week stint for him thank goodness!!! I am so excited and relieved as this means he can get all his BT's done and we can take his sperm into be frozen....which means we will be all set for our first IUI next month (unless something else happens that stuffs up everything totally)!

I called the IVF clinic today and arranged to drop off his sample on Friday morning. Figure it's better to do it on a day I don't work incase he is too shy to take it in himself (which is what happened when he had his SA done!). 

I have my FS appointment on Thursday afternoon so I will then know whether or not drilling is the next step to combat the PCOS. If it is I am hoping they can do it before next it gives us a bit of an extra chance at conceiving first round on IUI...

Not much else happening. Picked my parents up from the airport today. They have been over in Thailand for the past 2 weeks. Great to see them home...and they bought lots of pressies!! It's almost like christmas time when they come back from a mum always thinks of us when she is away and brings us lots of lovely things.


Lauren said...

HOORAY!!! That is very exciting!!!

Lindsay said...

So glad to hear your getting everything scheduled. I hope it all goes as planned and there will be a reason to celebrate soon!