Day 17- A Photo I Took

Monday, September 27, 2010

I took this back in 2006 when DH and I did our road trip around New Zealand. We spent a month in a campervan driving around both the north and south islands. It was my first time to NZ and my first time meeting some of DH's relatives. We had an awesome time.

I took this picture when we arrived at Lake Taupo. We stopped at the look out at the top of the town to take some photos. The sun was setting and I guess it was a matter of great timing! I only took maybe 3 photos as it was absolutely freezing (did I mention we went in the middle of winter?! And it turned out to be the coldest winter in like 100 years...and the biggest snow fall too!) and the wind was blowing a gale! All I wanted to do was get back in the van, crank the heater and figure out where we were going to stay that night!

I love photography and could put up a million photos that I have taken (and love) but this is probably in my top 10! I actually started out studying photography when I first finished school. I got accepted into an arts university based on my photography portfolio and did about 6 months of the degree..however I decided that although I love photography I would rather keep it as a hobby and not make it my career. Besides I was only 17...and its quite hard to know what you want to do with your life at that age!

So there you have it..a photo I took that I am very proud of!