Day 21- Top 10 Gadgets I Use

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

This is probably going to be the longest, most drawn out 30 days of blogging ever! But I am have to give me that!

Today I am writing about gadgets. DH loves gadgets and always wants to buy new 'toys'. I am sorta joined him in this addiction....and enjoy all the cool stuff he gets us!

So my top 10...though they are in no particular order-I love them all!

1. iPhone-ever since I DH got his iPhone, I wanted one! Then I got my own and I wondered how on earth I lived without it!! I am ADDICTED! It is almost always in my hand (so sad I know). I love that the internet is at my fingertips. I can blog and check Facebook where ever I go. I can google things in a instant without being at the computer...and the games...endless hours of time wasting!!

2. Sat Nav-again DH bought one of these when he was working down south and was driving around a lot. I then borrowed it from him (and by borrowed I mean stole) as I was working in the city at the time and did a lot of home visits with my clients and was always getting lost! To cut it short, he never got his sat nav back and had to buy a new one...which I then aquisitioned and gave him the old one back!!! So much easier then pulling out the maps!

3. Digital Cameras-does this really need an explanation?!?! Who needs film when you have memory cards? To be able to look at a photo as soon as you take it is just awesome. We have 2. A trusty little Canon point and shoot type and my good old Olympus digital SLR with a couple of different lenses to boot! 

4. External Hard Drive-awesome for storing my gazillions of photos, music and movies! DH has one full of movies and music so he isn't bored while away for work. 

5. Soda Stream- At the moment this is my novelty gadget! DH and I bought the soda stream a couple of months ago in a fit of nostelgia for the good old days. By the still makes delicious drinks in a variety of awesome flavours! 

6. Wi-Fi Internet-Well it's technically not a gadget but my router that makes my broad band wi-fi is! Gotta love being able to sit anywhere in the house on my laptop or phone and surf the net! Sure beats the days of dial up!!!!!!

7. food processor-ok not quite as high tech as other gadgets on the list, but I am very pleased with my food processor. It can do everything! It's a blender, juicer, processor and chopper. I can make fries or grate cheese or slice potatoes. It's a jack of all trades and very handy in the kitchen.

8. DVD player-Coz I love watching movies and DVD's kick VCR's butts!

9. Car blue tooth- we had this installed when we bought a new car. Love it! Can talk on the go without being fined by the cops. Calls come through my cars stereo system loud and clear. 

10. Auto Head lights-Another car one which I love.No more forgetting to turn my lights off and getting a flat battery (yes this happened to me at least twice). Also got this installed when we got my new car a couple of years ago. DH actually installed it as he was working at the car dealership at the time (before he headed into the mining trade) and even fixed it so that my car lights will stay on for about 10 seconds after I get out and lock the car so that I can find my house keys or whatever! So thoughtful!