Day 23-My Childhood

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ok...on the downward stretch of my very extended 30 days of blogging!

My childhood

I had a pretty good childhood as far as they come. Though if you had of asked me growing up I am sure I would have told you how crap it was and how hard done by I was! But honestly I had a good life!

My memories of childhood are happy ones. Some that stand out to me as I think right now..

-my mum taking me horse riding for my 10th birthday
-going on the scary roller coaster with dad at DreamWorld. I was so excited to finally be tall enough!
-settling down to watch movies and dad making us popcorn
-baking my first cake with mum for my girl guide ceremony
-my first girl guide camp
-my first school camp
-birthday parties in the backyard
-finding a trampoline in the backyard one Christmas morning (wow how awesome is Santa!!)
-spending school holidays at my grandparents house
-our one and only family holiday one Summer (it rained for almost the whole trip)
-flying kites at the park
-trying out my first pair of rollerblades (in the kitchen coz I was scared of falling down!)
-camping in the backyard
-getting our first puppy (he ran in and pooped on my bedroom floor!!)
-being a flower girl when I was 7
-spending time with my 9 cousins and taking over the playground!
-family picnics
-riding my bike for the first time without training wheels (I rode into a tree)
-breaking my foot
-waterslides in the summer time
-water balloon fights with my sister
-playing barbies
-the day our first dog had to be put down
-playing catch and kiss at school
-learning to skip
-being considered old enough to go to the corner shop by myself (woohoo!!)
-riding bikes up and down the street