Day 24-Something I Can't Believe I Used To Like

Monday, October 11, 2010

Ok, so I am going to reveal something very embarassing right now. Looking back on this phase of my life makes me cringe! I cannot believe my taste was so poor.

What is it, you ask???


I used to like.....


-cue hysterical laughter-

Yup, I was one of those teenage girls who was in love with those brothers (who I actually thought were girls when I first saw a photo!). In particular I was obsessed (much to the horror of my poor parents ears) with their hit song 'Mmm Bop'. C'mon admit know the words! And if you don't or if your subconscience has blocked it out, then here it is...for your listening and viewing pleasure!!

I'm not sure whether it was their catchy tunes or their cute faces...but Hanson remained a favourite for at least my entire grade 8 (and maybe part of grade 9) life. I wasn't alone. I had several friends who also thought the Hanson brothers (Taylor in particular if you must know) were super cute and could not get their lyrics out of their heads. I had Hanson posters plastering my walls (along with JTT but that's another obsession!) and bought their album 'Middle of Nowhere'. 

As all obsessions do, this one faded (thank goodness) and my good taste in music was restored. I think I tried to palm off the album and posters onto my little sister and she held onto them for a short time before also realising that Hanson wasn't cool anymore...and they really were just a bunch of weird looking brothers with girly voices. 

So now you know my deep dark secret...I was a Hanson lover!  


Lauren said...

Nothing is wrong with loving Hanson :) Anyone who isn't made happy by some MMbop is lying.

Did you know they're all married with children now? When did we get so old?

Summastarlet said...

OMG!!! That makes me feel really old. Scary to think they are no longer the cute teens I had crushes on!