Good things come..

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

So for a long time it's been bad news after more bad I am extremely excited to announce some amazing news!!!!

The IVF Clinic called me this afternoon, and they are going to give us the financal assistance deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Ok so if this wasn't enough to put a smile on my face, then the amount of discount surely did. We only have to pay $2000 upfront when I pick up my meds (instead of like $10000-12000)! I almost fainted. Then we just pay for the hospital and anethesist (about $1500) but this is covered by our PHI anyways so we should get most of it back. By the time I got off the phone I must have had a smile a mile wide...I could have started jumping around screaming in excitement, but managed to contain myself!

When I called DH to tell him, he was over the moon. I said 'we only have to pay $2000 upfront' and he's like 'oh ok, do they let us pay off the rest in installments or something?' and then I get to tell him that that's it..there's nothing more to pay! He was silent for a second and then just started gabbing about how great it was! So nice to be able to share some good news with him for once. 

So now DH and I have talked about it, I can call the clinic tomorrow and tell them we want to get started ASAP. Then I will go in and get the run down on what next..and we should be on our way. 

It's amazing to think that before the year is out, I could be pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!

-cue excited squeals-


Lauren said...

WOW!!! That's so awesome! Congratulations! :)

gymjunkie said...

That's fantastic news Summa!!! Congrats and I really wish you all the very best with it all! You deserve it! So, when will the clinic get you guys started?!?!

Summastarlet said...

Thanks :)

Got to wait until my period arrives, go on the pill for a cycle and then it will be all systems go with injecting etc. The aim is to have the cycle done before end of the year