Day 29- Retirement Plans

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ok second last '30 Days of Blogging' post!!! I know it's taken a while but it's almost done! seems like such a long time off but on a few occasions DH and I have had discussions about what we'd like to do when we're old and grey!

Travel is the big thing on the agenda. Specifically traveling around Australia. Yes, we want to be grey nomads! Complete with caravan and 4WD to get us around our great country.

Half of me wants to do this when we have kids and pull them out of school for 6 months and let them see some different places, but the selfish part of me wants to wait till our (future children) are old enough to fend for themselves and do it just DH and I! Who knows...maybe we will do it both ways!

DH plans to have a gigantic workshop built complete with hoist so he can play with cars. Specifically, he wants to build buy an old shell and rebuild the engine etc etc. I think part of him hopes this workshop becomes a reality way before retirement age though...

And what will I do when he's out tinkering? Well I would hope to have some grand children around that I can spend time with for a start! Plus I think I would take up a new hobby or painting. And I would definitely do some sort of volunteer work. So I think that should keep me busy when we are not off traveling the globe!!!

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