Monday Monday

Monday, November 29, 2010

Back to work tomorrow. I found out today that I will be interviewed for my position at 9am with a panel of 4 people!!! Arghhh!!! I always get flustered with interviews and I know this one will be no different, even though I will know everyone on the panel. Oh well, hopefully it's just a formality and the job is mine.

Got to get up super early to get a blood test done before work too...nice start to the day. And then the funeral is tomorrow at 1pm. I haven't been to a funeral since my pop passed away and I am wondering if it's going to bring up lots of emotions (plus the fact that I am injecting myself with hormones and I feel like an emotional wreck!). Oh well, I am sure I will survive.

I start my 2nd jab from tomorrow night too. Getting good at this needle giving! Have my first bruise this morning from last nights jab though. Not sure what I did differently, but I bled a tiny bit when I pulled the needle out and this morning there was a teeny tiny bruise. Was doing so well too!! Nevermind...hopefully it's the first and last.

DH left for work today, so a week on my own as our border (DH's mate) is still away at work for another week too. It will be a pretty busy week so I shouldn't feel too lonely.