A Whinge...And Then Some Positive Thinking

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Still no baby. Smiley
And she can't be that close as she has had time to make Facebook updates and post on people's walls all day... This included a post on DH's wall as follows...

"well your not an Uncle yet but maybe tonight or tomorrow now.... I can tell you one thing, the contractions that I am getting pretty sure they are only minor compared to what's to come but they dam well hurt!!! Be so very grateful your a bloke!!"

Seriously...was the necessary?!?! Who needs to tell their brother about contractions and labour?!?!

Infact I spoke to him earlier and asked if she had given birth yet.
DH's response- 'I dunno, why would I know?'
Me-'Umm...maybe because she's obsessed with telling you every detail!'
DH-'Mum hasn't called so I doubt she's had it'

Does this sound like a man who cares about becoming an uncle to you?
Doesn't to me!

Anyways....I just want the annoucement over and done with. Then I can focus on moving forward and not becoming an emotional wreck again.


On a better note, my appointment with the IVF clinic is tomorrow morning.

I'm going to pay the bill, learn to inject and pick up my meds. I am actually looking forward to it, as it means we are a step closer to stuff actually happening. I feel like we have been waiting around for too long now with no action. My last cycle on Letrozole was back in September...feels like an age ago now.

So I am trying to get myself back on task.

I want to be focused on the IVF process and on a positive outcome.
I do not want to be dwelling on SIL and her baby.
As selfish as it sounds, this next month has to be all about ME!

I have my band of cheerleaders.
I will have DH home for EPU and ET (and possibly even for testing).



SuPeRsTaRrR said...

Have everything crossed for you!!!

Nani said...

Ok not dwelling in SIL either but I just wanted to say that she is a twat! WTF that is the strangest post, can't she just text him that if she really wants to say it?

Anywho, moving forward too! Love the traction with the IVF <3